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Bono the french minister

Libya Al Mostakbal news website published an article titled “Military Intervention in Libya is Necessary” based on statement of Bruno Lemaire the former French minister , but instead putting his image they mistaking him for Bono!! 9 more words


National Post editorial board: Canada's proud role in Libya

Earlier today, Libya’s interim government, the National Transitional Council, confirmed that deposed dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had died of wounds suffered during the battle for the city of Sirte. 856 more words

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Walter Dorn: Give peacekeepers the tools they need

By Walter Dorn

Even with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi driven from power, the future of Libya is far from assured. As NATO makes its departure, should the United Nations’ famous blue helmets be invited to assist Libya in its long journey of political rebuilding? 609 more words

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George Jonas: Libya's rebels seem like an unruly mob – and they might be

What’s miraculous in Libya is how rebels survive their own gunfire. For careless handling of firearms, nothing beats an assembly of Arab irregulars. For the sake of their own safety, one would hope that they save their worst outbursts for the TV cameras, and settle down once the news crews are gone. 663 more words

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Anne Applebaum: The best way to intervene abroad is to do it from behind

Finally, the Libyan revolution ended the way it was supposed to. “A few sharp victories, some conspicuous acts of personal bravery on the Patriot side and a colourful entry into the capital,” as British novelist Evelyn… 723 more words

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George Jonas: Could Libya’s next rulers be worse than Gaddafi?

Even allowing for the uneasy relationship between reporting and reality from both sides in Libya’s civil war, Muammar Gaddafi’s regime seems on its last legs. Feeling jubilant over the downfall of Libya’s tyrant wouldn’t be a hard task as a rule. 819 more words

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Jonathan Kay: Muammar Gaddafi was closer to a cult leader, than dictator

Dictatorships come in different flavours — communist, fascist, Islamist. Muammar Gaddafi’s dying regime doesn’t fit any of these boxes. What we’re witnessing in Tripoli is the extinction of a one-of-a-kind creature. 808 more words

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