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Trump says many decisions made on Afghanistan and beyond


© AFP/File | US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (L to R) were among those attending Friday’s talks at Camp David… 191 more words

military history: Hitler's blunders cost Germany victory in World War II

Students of military history try to glean lessons from past wars and the major campaigns and battles within those wars.  With all the hoopla over the new movie, Dunkirk, we thought we would share our thoughts from a military history perspective on Germany’s efforts in the Second World War. 2,022 more words


Military Leaders, Board Games and Dire Decisions


“For the last time, Jong Ung, we’re playing bloody snakes and ladders!”

“Nye nye,” the korean military leader attempted to mimic the other, “this game sucks balls John—just like you. 935 more words


Erwin Rommel: The Desert Fox

They call him the Desert Fox for a reason, so let’s get to know better this man who got a well deserved title!

Erwin Rommel was born on the 15th November 1891 and passed away on the 14th October 1944. 712 more words

Military Leaders

Dwight Eisenhower: Gone With The Weather!

Did you ever think that something like the weather could have so much impact on History?

Well, have you ever had to make decisions under pressure? 756 more words

Military Leaders

Dwight Eisenhower: From General to President!

Politician, honorable general, succesful military leader and President of the United States of America, who was this man?

Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower was born on the 14th October, 1890 and passed away on the 28th March 1969. 519 more words

Military Leaders

Franklin D. Roosevelt: The President Who Made Americans Regain Faith In Themselves

What made Franklin D. Roosevelt such a great military leader? Keep on reading to find out!

He was a complex and controversial leader, however whatever he was he definetely was extremely effective while he was in office. 592 more words

Military Leaders