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Fools & Experience...

“Fools say that they learn from experience. I prefer to learn from other people’s experience.”

Otto von Bismark (1815-1898)

Bismarck was responsible for transforming a collection of small German states into the German empire, and was its first chancellor.


German Officer Education in the Interwar Years

Research Paper Title

German Officer Education in the Interwar Years.


This dissertation is trying to discover some of the reasons why the Germans were so successful on the tactical level during World War II.  105 more words

Military Leadership

Commanders: Leadership & Knowledge...

“To be a successful commander, one must combine the qualities of leadership with a knowledge of his profession. Either without the other is notof much avail.” 13 more words


Slovenian Armed Forces & Officer Career Development: Time for a Change?

Research Paper Title

Future of Officer Career Development System in the Slovenian Armed Forces.


The thesis describes the Officer Career Development (OCD) system in the SAF for the first ten years of the officer’s career. 291 more words

British Army

Higher Command & Dealing Productively with Government & Allies

“But strategic and tactical ability, skill as a trainer, and reserves of physique and willpower are qualities such as lesser commanders may possess without satisfying the demands of higher command. 31 more words


Loyalty is...

“…motto created by the venerable Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg “Loyalty is the essence of honour”.”

Kenneth Macksey (1975, p.189) quoting Heinz Guderian (WW2 German general and founding father of armoured fighting forces). 11 more words


(Leadership) Fatigue Tends...

“Fatigue tends to be the fate of the ambitious, conscientious or the idealistic. It is really experienced by the astute, the lazy or the clever … who may go to considerable trouble to avoid the condition.”  36 more words