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Russia Day Promotion List

President Vladimir Putin signed out the latest MOD promotion list on June 11, 2016 — the eve of Russia Day.  Find the original on Krasnaya zvezda… 220 more words

Military Leadership

Officers' Competence & Soldiers' Performance...

“There are no bad regiments; there are only bad colonels.”

Often attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) and Ulysses S. Grant (US Civil War General).

Other variations include: 78 more words


Leaders: Lions fighting Deer and Sheep!

“An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer.”

This quote and its many derivatives are often attributed to Polybius (Roman historian), Philip of Macedon (382-336 BC) and his son (Alexander the Great), and also Chabrias (|Athenian general who died ?357BC), around the time Alexander was born).


Linking Command, Confusion and Distance...

“The amount of confusion in a command post is in direct proportion to the distance it is from the incident!”



Military Assignments & Personal Glory

“Avoid assignments which may result in the use of your name for roads and buildings.”



Tactics: Defeated & Confused

“Good tactics not only leave your enemy defeated, but confused!”

General Al Gray (29th Commandant of the US Marine Corps, 1987-1991).


You Can Agree or Disagree, but Believe

“Whether people agree with you or not, is not as important as whether they believe you.”


In a military context, it is important that personnel trust their commander is going to do/or is doing the right thing.