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What You Get...

“What you get by stealth and guts, you must hold by skill and determination.”

Major General Richard Gale, Commander 6th Airborne Division, finishing his briefing prior to D-Day (June 1944).


RMAS Instructor Cadre Poster

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is always on the lookout for NCO instructors to train the next generation of the British Army’s leaders.

It is a very good career booster, especially for non-infantry personnel. 72 more words

Military Training

No Clever Title

All of my other posts I have been able to think up a clever (in my opinion) title to draw the reader in, this one has no clever title. 1,490 more words

Civilian-Military Divide

Ah! The generals! They are numerous but not good for much!



Warrant Officers & the British Armed Forces

“…though the ranks are few, the appointments which may be held by them are many. Indeed, there are, today, over seventy appointments among the Warrant Officers…” 267 more words

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