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Commands: Divided or Undivided?

“Nothing is so important in war as an undivided command; for this reason, when war is carried on against a single power, there should be only one army, acting upon one base, and conducted by one chief.” 36 more words


Linking Knowledge & Judgement with Outputs...

“The best basis for sound judgement is a knowledge of what has been done in the past, and with what results.”

Air Vice-Marshal J. C. Slessor (1897 to 1979) 36 more words


Generals & Idiot Opponents...

“Any general who needs to rely on his opponent being an idiot is in sore trouble.” (Gemmell, 2014, p.214).


Gemmell, D. (2014) The Hawk Eternal. London: Orbit.


Army chaplain condemns U.S. policy of preventive war, permanent military supremacy and global power projection

Mark Shapiro has forwarded a link to an article by Andrea Germanos reporting the resignation of an Army chaplain with the 354th Transportation Battalion at Fort Totten, New York. 337 more words

Recent History

Commander ... Assert Yourself

“…he did not do the one thing that the complexities of modern warfare made it essential for the GOC to do – to assert himself during a battle and not delegate the chief command.” 10 more words


A Leadership Framework at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Research Paper Title

Sandhurst Occasional Papers No.20.

Be, Know or Do? An Analysis of the Optimal Balance of the Be, Know, Do Leadership Framework in Future Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. 331 more words

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Battlefield & Salient: The Hangman's Noose!

“Now Hart knew enough about war to know that there are few more dangerous places to send men on a battlefield than into a salient – the open end of a loop. 53 more words