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It’s coming. I’m sitting here on edge after hurricane Michael waiting for the word. The word that my husband will have to leave to help clean up the mess it left in its path. 381 more words


OH MY (BL, Yaoi, Boy Love, Manxman)

I am happy that my military service will come to an end in 6 months, I know my life will be back to normal I can enjoy and do all the things which I missed in 18 months, while I was thinking of this on my bed, I hear my fellowmen in the room talking to each other and said how they missed their lover, I too can’t stop thinking of my ex-boyfriend, I hate every time he pops up in my mind, that night I can’t sleep and I know the next morning I will be in a problem I will not have much energy. 513 more words

Managing The Military: How To Deal With The Stress

Stress. It’s something that everybody deals with. Some of us deal with it more in our day to day lives, and for others, it just tends to show up. 1,346 more words


DOD&D: Dungeons and Dragons in the Army

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DOD&D: Dungeons and Dragons in the Army


I found myself laughing at the comment initially, I honestly was in slight disbelief that I would find that in the service, but here was the offer to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons with a group of soldiers I had no idea also shared this interest. 547 more words

Finding My Happiness: Coming to Terms With My Entrepreneurial Self

I used to think I had life figured out.


You check off the little boxes. In order. Semi on time. College. Travel. Good job. Marriage. Babies. 1,186 more words


It's not all peaches and cream

When my boyfriend moved to Lemoore, California, to fly jets for the Navy, we both thought this is not going to be so bad. As soon as he got there he began the hunt for housing before he left for SERE school (I am still in Florida during the move cause of long distance). 231 more words

Military Life

I'm Gaining A Lot More Than I'm Losing Moving To England

My entire life, I’ve wanted adventure. I’ve wanted to travel to the Serengeti to see the zebras and hippos. I’ve wanted to go to Australia to see the infamous Uluru Rock that juts straight upwards from the depths of the barren outback. 1,139 more words