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Polly Mann | Nuclear Notes and A THAAD Story

The installation on the Korean peninsula of the THAAD system (the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system designed to shoot down incoming missiles) is objected to by China, Russia, and North Korea. 976 more words

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Young Women from Mosul Describe Life Under Terror and ISIS

Testimonies of Seven Women

“Under this psychological warfare, we wondered: Will I survive or not? Will I know what it means to be free again or not?

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Inside Camp Ripley

During the vigil on September 17, 2017 at the Open House at Camp Ripley, two members went inside and took some photos. Clearly it was family day. 255 more words

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The Empire’s Hustle: Why Anti-Trumpism Doesn’t Include Anti-War

Both parties support militarism because both parties support the interests of the oligarchy and the oligarchy is interested in one thing—maintaining the empire.

By AJAMU BARAKA… 1,381 more words

John Pilger: US IS THE PROBLEM (Video)

John Pilger: Look, the problem is not North Korea. The problem is not Russia. The problem is not China. The problem is the United States. 270 more words

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Chuck Turchick | Comments on the Upcoming Vietnam War Series on PBS

Our actions may have been closer to the acts of Nazi Germany than we would like to admit. Both governments perpetrated imperialist, racist, and genocidal policies.    1,403 more words


Adam Garrie | The Myanmar Conflict – Explained

The Myanmar Civil War, particularly where it pertains to the Rohingya conflict, is subject to many false and dangerously misleading narratives. Most stem from a misunderstanding not only of Myanmar’s internal situation but from a misunderstanding of the country’s position as a member of the Non-Aligned Movement.

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