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Is "goodbye" the hardest word to say?

Being in a military relationship for over two years now, I’ve found that the hardest part of it all isn’t the goodbyes or being away from your spouse for extended periods of time. 219 more words

Becoming a Military Girlfriend: Advanced Individual Training

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is the next step of your partners military career. Here, your partner will learn job skills that are related to performing their Army job or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). 344 more words

Army Couple

Holidays Away From Home

The military can be very unfair to families, and unfortunately, there’s no way around it. Tons of servicemen/servicewomen all over the world on deployment have to spend Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc. 93 more words

Long Distance Relationships


Okay, we’re going to jump back to boot camp. A few days after they arrive at boot camp, they will begin to write letters. Receiving your first letter is so relieving. 138 more words

Long Distance Relationships

A Perspective

I’ve talked a lot about what it’s like from a serviceman/servicewoman’s point of view, but not necessarily a spouse’s or family member’s. This perspective is a lot different. 123 more words

Long Distance Relationships

Another Change of Plans?

Now that the military has complete control over your loved one’s schedule, everything can and probably will change. There have been countless occasions where I have experienced a change of plans. 125 more words

Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance, Long Hours & Time Zones

Sometimes your loved ones may get stationed overseas or in different parts of the country, meaning that they will more than likely be in different time zones. 143 more words

Long Distance Relationships