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Dear Military Spouse, Your Partner is Lonely

Dear Military Spouse,
Big changes are coming and that is for certain. Your steps and the life you live for the next few months will be a big test, a test that many will never have to take nor pass, but you must take it. 17 more words

Our prayer

Give me the greatness of heart to see

The difference between duty and his love for me 73 more words


When one door closes, another one opens

Have you ever had a friendship with someone end and you ask yourself what went wrong? Did I do or say something? How did it go from texting and talking every single day to just viewing their facebook statuses once in a blue moon. 209 more words

3 Days

A while ago, I had a feeling that there was only 3 days until I would see B again.  The harsh reality was that we still had a few weeks to go.   49 more words


Newbie Wife Military Life: Just Starting Out

On May 24, 2014 my world view shifted a bit. The day I got married to my husband was both joyous, nerve-wrecking and momentous at the same. 569 more words

Long Distance Relationships

Things that come with being with a marine

Here are 33 things come as a package deal when you enter a relationship with a marine. Most of them are extremely true, and the ones that are not yet will become true the longer you stay with him. 610 more words