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One Month Down!

So I am a tad bit late on this post, but two days ago was the ONE MONTH MARK that my boyfriend has been deployed! He’s currently on a MEU which I’ve heard is different than a land deployment, mainly because he’s out in the middle of the ocean. 315 more words


Deployment Tip: Dive Into Work & Meet the People Around You

I’m a licensed South Carolina Real Estate Agent. I’ve had my Real Estate License for a year now and am working in New Home Sales. I sell new construction for Dan Ryan Builders. 531 more words


What Dating My Marine Has Taught Me:

I’ve never dated anyone in the military. My current relationship is the first military relationship I’ve ever been in. To be honest, when we first started talking prior to us deciding to date, I had heard it all. 668 more words


Preparing For Deployment: Matching Tattoos!

Everyone has their opinions about matching tattoos! Believe me, I judged people for it as well in the past. Haha! But there is SOMETHING that happens when you fall in love with the man of your dreams and you find out that he is deploying. 475 more words


Military Acronyms for Dummies. Ha!

If you are dating a person in the military or you have sat next to two people who were/are in the military, it will not take you a long time to realize that they are speaking a language of their own. 527 more words


Stress Relief = GYM

I’m actually pretty new to the fitness journey. Growing up I was into sports but rarely went to the gym. I started working out December of 2015 as a way to relieve some stress. 261 more words


"They're not all Broken Maria"

She keeps telling me this… And a little more after my last posting Breaking Cycles. “They’re not all Broken” and it’s hard for me to accept this. 184 more words