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Muslim Free Gun Range & The Return of Internment Camps

One of the final requirements for an individual to become a naturalized citizen of the USA is to recite the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. 383 more words


Some More Enlistment Photos

to torture myself with T^T

I think he was saluting to his parents… T___T

He trended that day (and the day after) on both Naver’s hot topic keyword list and the real-time search ranking: 64 more words


6 days...

It’s been 6 days since Yunho officially entered the military and started his basic 5-week training. For me as his fan, it’s been 6 days of empty feelings and random tearing up at little things that remind me of him. 214 more words


D-DAY 150721

I imagined and dreaded this day for years and now that I’ve lived this day, it just feels surreal. I have never had to send anyone off so I didn’t know what to expect. 326 more words


War Hero or War Zero?


Editors Note: Dave is unusually passionate in this episode, which means STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE is used. If you are offended by salty sailor speech, you’ll probably want to skip this episode… 224 more words

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Father of slain Marine said his son ‘wanted to make a difference in the world’

BUCKEYE LAKE — Wearing a Marines shirt and a hat to honor his son, the father of a slain service member said the tragedy is still fresh in his family’s minds. 167 more words

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150718 Fan shares photos of Private Kim Jaejoong singing in the past

JYJ3 Note: This is back when Private Kim Jaejoong was singing “Though I Loved You” at 55th Infantry Division Event on May 22nd.

#직찍 #얼스타그램 엄마가찍은 #김재중#jyj #동생 #수료식 때ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 엄마말이 멀리서봐도 잘생겼다던데….ㅠㅠ 나도 동생 #면회 가면볼수있을까나?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 109 more words