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Reflections on My Vietnam Service

I graduated from college on May 9, 1971, and was in Navy boot camp in Orlando, Florida, on June 1. At that time, it was not an “All-Volunteer Military”—every able-bodied man was given a number in the draft “lottery.” If you ended up with a high number, you could feel fairly safe that you wouldn’t be drafted and could continue to make school/career plans. 448 more words

Of Enosis and Taksim

10th October 2017

3% of the island of Cyprus is British territory. The military bases there, like Gibraltar and Northern Ireland, provide the UK with multiple land borders with the EU. 516 more words


[Tutorial] Sending letters to Ji Chang Wook's new address in the army

Ji Chang Wook has officially graduated from basic training, and has been permanently assigned to the 5th Artillery Brigade in the South Korean army.  Wook is now currently training as a signaller (radio operator) for his new unit. 431 more words

Fresh From The Oven

A dream about teachers

Others have had dreams; I have one too. I dream that we will always be appreciative of the men and women who defend our country and who sacrifice so much; however, I dream that we will learn how to become as appreciative if not more of the men and women who teach us and remind us of our lifelong commitment to learning and improving. 66 more words

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