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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150420 GunHeenim Instagram Update: Jaejoong's Letter

 일본 다녀왔더니 편지가 왔네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ밥도 잘먹고 살도 찌고 건강해지는거 같다니까 다행이네 자대배치 받으면 면회갈께~ 편지지 사러 가야겠다 ㅋㅋ

Letter came while I was in Japanㅋㅋㅋㅋ, It’s great that you are eating well, gaining weight and getting healthier… I’ll go to see you once you are asigned to your permanent post. 33 more words


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150419 June Shin shares a photo of Kim Jaejoong 2 days before enlistment

 술 한잔 생각날때마다 늘 먼저 생각나는 놈
오늘은 숙취 작렬인데 문뜩 생각나네…잘하구 있으려나
#술친구 #술한잔 #생각 #훈련병 #폴라로이드 #입대이틀전 #Miss #My #Bro #JJ #Polaroid #DayBeforeDday… 65 more words


[PICS] 150418 Kim Jaejoong at Military Enlistment Entrance Ceremony on March 31th

Note: Other Private’s family members shared more photos of Kim Jaejoong at Military Enlistment Entrance Ceremony on March 31th

Source: friday77
Shared by: JYJ3

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[OTHER TWITTER] 150416 Kim Suk Jin shares a past photo of Jaejoong

 He should have gained a lot of lessons and grown bigger~ Please wait and look forward to how Jaejoongie will appear looking like after his enlistment. 14 more words


[OTHER TWITTER] 150415 Kim Suk Jin shares captures of Jaejoong's letter sent to family

 The letter by our youngest who arrived within a week. Just stories for our parents altogether.ㅋㅋ

115 more words


The Evolution of a Navy Seal

I just finished reading Mark Owen’s latest, sure to become a bestseller “No Hero:  The Evolution of a Navy Seal.”  There is no question in my mind that Owen has found his next mission, that of an author.   335 more words

Non-Fiction Book Review

[CHEER UP! RANKING] 150414 Celebrity Expiration Term of (Military) Service Calculator - #1 Kim Jaejoong

Note: soldierstar.com It’s a korean website that helps you keep up with significant dates of your celebrity’s military service.

Cheer Up! Ranking #1 Kim Jaejoong with 12,402… 7 more words