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Review: Incident Light

Classic Theatre Presents/The Surround Project: 9 Circles by Bill Cain

War is Hell

June 20, 2017

In 2006, Pvt. Steven Dale Green was

given an honorable discharge from… 603 more words

UPDATE: *THE T-BONING BY ACX CRYSTAL A CONTAINER SHIP, registered to the Philippines of the Destroyer USS Fitzgerald was deliberate ! *Click, on anything red.

ACX Crystal a container ship and registered to the Philippines; a county I have visited as a Naval Petty Officer; was deliberate as the over 700 foot long container ship turned around and then T-Boned the USS Fitzgerald. 231 more words


Meet our friends at Heel the Heroes!

The Surround Project’s inaugural production is open! At each performance, audiences get a chance to meet Marine Corps Vet Lyndon Villone and his service dog Ice the Husky. 704 more words

Megan Leavey and her dog Rex, Semper Fi - Once a Marine, Always a Marine

I saw a film today, Wednesday June 14, 2017, based on the true story of a U.S. Marine and her dog.  While watching the film, I was with her every step of her journey. 421 more words


Positif Gunakan Marijuana, TOP Bigbang Tak Sadarkan Diri

T.O.P BIGBANG yang sedang menjalani wajib militer diberitakan positif menggunakan narkoba jenis Marijuana. Ia dikeluarkan dari kantor polisi militer tempatnya bekerja. Dan pada hari ini, Selasa(06/06/17), T.O.P dikabarkan pingsan dan masuk ke ruang ICU.

436 more words


Hello Knowledge Seekers,

Many of us use the internet for knowledge. Either to get a review on something, get outside opinions, or to put our own two cents out there. 333 more words

ACL Surgeries

Trump’s Great Military Defeat

Trump lied when he said he won the popular vote instead of Clinton based on his allegations of voter fraud without any proof. He did not win the popular vote. 786 more words

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