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Come Home, America: Stop Policing the Globe and Put an End to Wars-Without-End, by John W. Whitehead

America’s global interventionism is destroying America and wreaking horrific damage in places like the Middle East. From John W. Whitehead at rutherford.org:

“Let us resolve that never again will we send the precious young blood of this country to die trying to prop up a corrupt military dictatorship abroad.

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The Real Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Iran Deal | Zero Hedge

Currently, companies such as Lockheed Martin are thriving as they had done during WW II, but the sheer corruption in America’s military spending is this time the reason… 3,309 more words

The Democrats' Phony Opposition

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

This past week was a study in contrasts of the Democratic Party’s pathetic “resistance” to Donald Trump. 1,138 more words

What Everyone is Missing About the Afghanistan Papers, by Darius Shahtahmasebi

A liberal newspapers publishes documents that reveal a long history of deceit, war crimes, and wasted blood and treasure by the US military in Afghanistan. So of course immediately after publication Congress gives the military still more money. 166 more words


“Partisan” impeachment, bipartisan militarism. The military-industrial complex marches on.

While everybody has been focused on — and bemoaning — the starkly partisan nature of the continuing impeachment saga, a stunning display of broad bipartisanship has just taken place in the House. 736 more words

Commentary And Analysis

NATO is a threat to the climate


Last week, the 29 leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) went to celebrate their alliance’s anniversary in London, but snubbed the opening of United Nations climate conference where the other 164 world leaders and their delegations are meeting in Madrid.  793 more words


(Re)Thinking International Law

I’ve tried writing this post several times, but international law is so. Fucking. Boring.

The consequences aren’t. They make for great film, TV, and books. Think about how much money the Second World War has generated for Hollywood. 249 more words