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War Profiteers and the Demise of the US Military-Industrial Complex, by Dmitry Orlov

The US military’s acquisition of weapons systems and the like has become a racket that increasingly leaves the US behind Russia and China. From Dmitry Orlov at… 2,331 more words


Trudeau urged to increase military spending during NATO secretary-general visit to Ottawa

PETAWAWA, Ont. — In a visit to an Ottawa Valley military base Monday, NATO’s secretary-general urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to not backtrack on boosting Canada’s defence spending and helping counter shifting threats facing the military alliance. 692 more words


Sweden's Chance For Leading A Nuclear Weapons Free World.

he Scandinavian nation of Sweden has a fascinating history when it comes to its population strenuously debating and then rejecting unwanted forms of weapons of mass destruction. 227 more words

Earth Matters

Poverty, Climate And Defense Spending

The first Dem debate is in the tank…..I heard very little about poverty, lost of lip service but no new ideas, climate was on the agenda for the MSM and little about out of control defense spending. 279 more words


Microsoft has military ties on par with Huawei

Is Microsoft becoming a dangerous creature of its country’s military industrial complex, the way the United States claims that Chinese tech company Huawei is?

Besides allegations that they both harvest customer data, the two tech giants have another thing in common: military contracts. 1,601 more words


050: The GCC Summit: A Missed Opportunity, by Farhang Jahanpour

First published by TFF, 20 May 2015

While hailing the so-called “framework agreement” on the nuclear
deal with Iran reached in Lausanne on 2 April 2015 as a great political… 3,286 more words

How about a peace race instead of an arms race?

In late April, the highly respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reported that, in 2018, world military expenditures rose to a record $1.82 trillion.  The biggest military spender by far was the United States, which increased its military budget by nearly 5 percent to $649 billion (36 percent of the global total).  961 more words