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NMFA Scholarships Make It Easy… Even in the “Hard” Majors!

Education is very important to me. I always said that after graduating high school, I wanted to go straight to college. As a military spouse desiring to… 508 more words

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How To Fit It ALL In By Rachel Preen (Marine wife)

I KNEW that when I decided to enroll in college last year that it would be far different than the FIRST time around when I was 18. 882 more words


Military Spouses are Changing the Face of the Mental Health Profession!

It’s common knowledge that there’s a mental health crisis brewing in the United States. May is Mental Health Awareness month, but at the National Military Family Association, the… 344 more words

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Military Spouses: Improving Your Resume by Going Back to School

As a military spouse, there are some questions that I grow tired of answering all the time:

What does your spouse do?

Where are you guys hoping to move to after here? 536 more words

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The Benefits of Attending Lakewood College!

Are you thinking about attending College but not sure which path to go down? Lakewood College has a number of different programs in the medical, legal and business fields, all prepared to get you on track to a new career in as little as 6 months! 19 more words


Want to Go Back to School? We Have an App for That!

As if military life isn’t complicated enough, I, like many other military spouses, decided to make my education a priority. After making this decision, I was overwhelmed by the amount of schools I could attend. 337 more words

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Apply for our Scholarships and Build a Better Future!

Our Association was established by strong-willed military spouses who fought to ensure that survivors had benefits. We’ve made big strides since these bold women paved the way 45 years ago, and our Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program is no exception. 420 more words

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