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Chinese Historic Story: Tian Ji's Horse Race

Remember the story about Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot? Well, this is a Chinese equivalent “think outside the box” story.

When Romans rushed to their coliseums to watch gladiator fighting, 12,000km aways in Ancient China, Chinese loved horse racing, especially the noblemen.   214 more words

Chinese 中文

Judith praises General Holofernes (Jdt 11:8-11:8)

“We have heard of your wisdom and skill.

It is reported throughout the whole world

That you are the best in the whole kingdom,

The most informed, 49 more words

The Monsieur’s Brief: Risk Intelligence And What You Need to Become a Top Notch Risk Taker

Humans are useless at assessing probabilities. But against the odds, Dylan Evanshas tracked down the handful of people who rate as geniuses on the intelligence scale he calls risk quotient.  343 more words

The Critic

What does the future hold for North Korea?

CRY FREEDOM: What does the future hold for North Korea? 16/02/2012

CSW’s East Asia Team Leader, Ben Rogers, shares his insights into latest developments in North Korea and looks at what the future might hold for the world’s most closed nation… 860 more words


Zumbi dos Palmares

There were quite some great men in history of capoeira. As it goes in capoeira hierarchy, one can hardly become a master (mestre) if one lacks of at least a few human qualities, such as being fair, respectful, brave. 308 more words


Labaw Donggon should get a crane feather fan...

Takeshi Kaneshiro‘s portrayal of the epic military strategist Zhuge Liang has forever redefined my definition of feathery fans. These fans do not say: prissy and finicky–well, in the past, they did. 271 more words


Viet legend Giap heads towards 100 (Belfast Telegraph)

Legendary Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen Giap is celebrating another major victory: his 100th birthday.

Giap is revered by Vietnamese second only to former President Ho Chi Minh. 334 more words