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Defense One: A New Social-Media Simulator Is Helping US Troops Train for Hybrid War

Defense One: A New Social-Media Simulator Is Helping US Troops Train for Hybrid War. “The U.S. military is using a new simulator to prepare intelligence analysts and public affairs officers for the social-media front of future wars. 82 more words

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On "conditions of hardship" and my radio silence over the past several weeks

Here are some pictures taken with my new friends in Rongchang! Tiffany, Judy, and my site mate Wendy have all been so wonderful and welcoming! Wendy is almost as weird as me, but not quite. 1,889 more words

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Assyria Sent a Priest to Samaria

2 Kings 17:24-29 NLTse The king of Assyria transported groups of people from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath, and Sepharvaim and resettled them in the towns of Samaria, replacing the people of Israel. 1,316 more words


Canadian Armed Forces training exercise at former London Psychiatric hospital

The Canadian Armed Forces is conducting military training at the former London Psychiatric hospital.

London police say residents in the Highbury Ave. and Oxford St. area may experience higher noise levels for the duration of these activities due to the use of helicopters in the training exercises. 34 more words


Surefire - Do you own one?

Surefire! Is the name you need to remember?  Surefire flashlight is the flashlight I got when I became a Sheriff’s Deputy and surefire flashlight is what I got from the Military when I left for deployment serving Operation Enduring Freedom!  532 more words

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Undergraduates in China grumble about compulsory patriotic boot camp -- Job One: Keep the Communist Party in power

The Economist

Drill first, study later


Sep 28th 2017| BEIJING

IN A a concrete stadium in the north of Beijing, some 2,000 men and women are rehearsing a military tattoo. 493 more words

Boots Off the Ground: The Use of Contractors to Train Foreign Militaries by the U.S. Government

Miss Whitney Grespin

As the U.S. and allied forces attempted to draw down from the major conventional ground engagements of the past decade throughout the Obama Administration, the nature of U.S. 1,289 more words