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Programmable Humanity

There’s a wide body of literature and videos about MKULTRA and similar efforts to program people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. In regards to the CIA’s studies, it typically revolves around programming people to engage in sex as a means to entrap important targets, and it includes programming people to assassinate. 1,047 more words


Why You Should #FightBack

South Africa is in crisis. We know this. We’ve known it for a while. The statistics are not only shocking, they’re terrifying. Every day there are violent crimes committed, people lose their belongings, their loved ones or their lives to the scourge. 616 more words

Self Defense

Quitter Syndrome

We all know how it goes: you sign up for a new thing, whether it’s ukulele lessons, tap-dancing, martial arts or just a new gym membership. 577 more words

Self Defense

So, self defense?

There are a lot of misconceptions about self defense. And, of course, in true fashion of the Internet Age, there are hundreds, thousands of people – sensei’s, masters, grandmasters (a lot self-appointed) – who will brag that they’ve got the best system, the best techniques, the quickest way to subdue an opponent. 602 more words

Self Defense

You have Served the Country for a Long Time, Allow Us to Reciprocate Your Service Now!

There may be a lot of alternatives that you would have certainly thought off, regarding the life behind those lines.

Why do wars happen?

Why should you fight? 241 more words

Cdl Training For Military Veterans

WATCH Bangladesh Navy Officers Training Video [English]

Bangladesh Navy has a rigorous training program of its newly recruited officer cadets. New recruits must pass successfully through various phases of the training processes. It includes physical, mental, educational and extensive naval warfare regimes. 33 more words

Bangladesh Military

Gentlemen Cadets' Lifestyle In Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) Documentary

Bangladesh Military Academy is the main training institute for the training of the officer cadets. Officers of the Bangladesh Army gets their training from BMA. Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force cadets also have to participate in a three-month course here for Joint Services Course. 12 more words

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