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Values & Attitudes of Swedish Conscripts

Research Paper Title

A Principal Component Analysis of Swedish Conscripts’ Values and Attitudes towards their Military Education.


By identifying components relevant to conscripts’ success in and positive attitudes towards the military, we may be able to make it a more attractive employment option for current and future age-cohorts, thus solving the recruitment crisis not only in Sweden, but in several other European countries that have recently made the shift from conscription to an all-volunteer force. 202 more words

Military Training

Vernon’s cadet camp booming this summer

It’s a sure sign that summer has arrived in the north Okanagan. Hundreds of cadets have descended on the Vernon Cadet Training Centre.

This year over 1,700 cadets will come through the camp over the course of the summer. 60 more words


Officers & Troops: Inevitable, Inadequately & Effectively

“We have verified the inevitable – that inadequately trained officers cannot train troops effectively.”

Lieutenant General Lesley J. McNair (1883 to 1944) quoted in 1943 by Khan, McNair, Educator of an Army. 151 more words


Something to Replace PowerPoint (PPT)?

I remember the days of instructing with this piece of equipment.

  1. Place acetate (hand written).
  2. Place blank A4 sheet over acetate.
  3. Turn on OHP.
  4. Talk.
  5. 15 more words
Military Training

How Are You Raising Your Kids?

Happy Father’s Day to all dads across the world. I have a question for USA dads. Would your children be able to face off against the kids in this video, or would they lie down, and be trampled on? 14 more words


Lessons & Goals, Learning & Focus...

What ‘could have been’ are lessons.

Learn from them.

What ‘might be’ are goals.

Focus on them.


Learning: In the Classroom or on the Streets?

“You can either learn the lessons in the classroom or wait until the suspect teaches them to you on the streets!”

Commander Daryl Evans, LASD (15 May 2005)