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Military charade

These anniversaries make me feel old!  Forty years ago today, 25 November 1975, the Sharp Inquiry into military training on Dartmoor opened in Exeter. I was still at university and skipped some lectures to take part—because what better training could I have for becoming a campaigner than participating in a public inquiry? 1,564 more words


Mental Training Monday - Earning Your Spot Daily 23NOV2015

Mental Training Monday – 23 NOV 2015

Earn Your Spot Every Damn Day

I received my favorite question so far in an e-mail and I wanted to use this week’s Mental Training Monday to answer the question. 418 more words

Mental Training Monday

War: Trained or Untrained?

“To lead untrained people to war is to throw them away.”

Confucius, circa 551-478 B.C.


Jordanian officer shoots dead two Americans, one South African at security training site

Jordanian officer shoots dead two Americans, one South African at security training site

 Reuters International

NOV 9, 2015 – 19:20

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi

AMMAN (Reuters) – A Jordanian officer shot dead two U.S. 695 more words


Establishing the Concepts & Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in US Army Training Centres

Research Paper Title

Establishing the Concepts and Techniques of Performance-Oriented Training in Army Training Centres: A Summary Report.


The specific objective of Work Unit ATC-PERFORM was to provide technical research and development assistance to the US Army agencies involved in the review, evaluation, and refinement of performance-based training techniques in Army Training Centres. 169 more words

Military Training

Israel controls over 60% of the Occupied West Bank


Instead of transferring to Palestinian control, the biggest ‘Area’ in the West Bank remains firmly in Israeli hands.

Under the Oslo Accords, the 1993 interim agreement between Israel and the PLO, the Occupied West Bank was divided into three Areas, A, B, and C, which were placed under different jurisdictions. 417 more words

Alternatives to Force on Force Training

On a clear moon lite night, as I stack next to the door, on the side where the hinges are located and seeing that the door will swing inward, I was in the right position. 626 more words

Military Gear