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Is It Fair to Family to Call Them to Come Out on National TV?

Here is the CNN video of an active serviceman who has gradually come out on YouTube revealing things about his situation little by little while keeping his face hidden: 575 more words

Frat Parties at the White House? But What About An Angry America?

My absolute devotion to the marvelous mind at work on Lorinov’s Blog has been rewarded with this jewel of a post:

SHUTDOWN! It’s PARTY TIME Barry!! 124 more words

Barack Obama

US General Negative on NATO Handling of Libya; Suggests Ground Troops

The end of European respect for the US is nigh.  The negative remarks of  Army General Carter Ham (the US general who led our troops in Libya) to the press about NATO’s handling of the war in Libya and hinting at ground troops to solve the stalemate are damming. 402 more words

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Hunted Humans for Sport - Meet "The Kill Team" [UPDATED]

Atrocities that are perpetrated during wartime are especially vile because they occur in the context of state-sanctioned aggression in which men and women are trained to be controlled and professional in carrying out their orders. 582 more words


Japan's Mega Earthquake and Tsunami Spare US Bases, Personnel and Dependents

For those of you concerned about our soldiers and sailors stationed in Japan, here is comforting news:  All are just fine and prepared to assist the Japanese people in their hour of extreme need. 144 more words


US Beefs Up Libya Surround Forces. 400 Marines to US Base In Greece For Libya Deployment

The Times of Malta reports 400 US troops have been sent to an American base in Greece to await Libya deployment:

Thursday, 3rd March 2011 – 12:37CET… 131 more words

Libya - US Repositions Military Assets Offshore. Special Ops In Country 1 March 2011

According to Prison Planet, the aircraft carrier Enterprise has been repositioned in the Gulf region and it may not have been the best move: 419 more words