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Military hierarchy and the need for violence

As readers will know, reports of the unusual deaths of recruits to the Thai military are common. Pictures of naked recruits being forced to engage in degrading activities and other pictures of recruits who have been beaten and bashed are all over social media. 653 more words

President Mugabe-The Fallen

I still find it hard to grab hold on the fact that in my life time, I’ve witnessed the fall of   the most feared politician in Africa, a man who clutch to power for more than 30 years to benefit the black mind, so he say. 584 more words

Sleep, soldiers and shooting

In the heat of battle soldiers often go without sleep. This isn’t ideal as it leads to lots of tired, grumpy people with slow reactions making life-or-death decisions about who – and who not to – shoot. 122 more words

Black Friday Deal! $0.99 for Swapship Trooper

Black Friday only! Swapship Troopers will be $0.99. Don’t miss this deal!

A New Kind of War
A New Kind of Service

During a brutal war against monstrous, spider-like aliens, the Space Marines try to improve morale with a top-secret, gene-splicing drug that temporarily turns men into women. 205 more words


Thanksgiving Blessings and Perspectives

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Judy and I spent Thanksgiving doing what has become our custom, cooking dinner and inviting single friends over to share the meal with us. 797 more words


The U.S. Navy Has Ended Its Search for Three Sailors Missing in Aircraft Crash

(TOKYO) — The search has ended for three sailors missing in the Philippine Sea since a U.S. Navy aircraft crashed on Wednesday, the navy said Friday. 254 more words

Man searches for home for unique WWII sketches

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — A quest to identify 17 American heroes continues.

We first met Ira Dube back in February, after finding some mementos from his late father who served in World War II. 410 more words