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Colonels and Government

I initially conceived this article as “Colonels and Dictators” after reading about the recently elected Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ethiopian Army before being appointed in April of 2018. 739 more words

The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King #fantasy

John Carver has three rules: Don’t drink in the daytime, don’t gamble when the luck has gone, and don’t talk to the dead people who come to visit. 

909 more words

Is This The Largest Financial Scandal In History?

Greg Hunter interview’s Dr Mark Skidmore about his research that uncovered an unaccounted spend of $21 Trillion within the US Government Branches HUD and DoD. This was a problem before President Trump took office. 139 more words


A visit to the Air and Space Museum Annex!

One of the coolest free attractions in San Diego is located in East County at Gillespie Field. That’s where you’ll find the annex of Balboa Park’s famous Air and Space Museum! 932 more words