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Dark America, Part 8 - Introductions I

Continued from Part 7, here.

I stared down the barrel of my gun, my mouth falling open.

In combat, everyone started a virgin. The term didn’t refer to their prowess in bed, although we never failed to give them crap about that, either. 1,258 more words

March 24th 1857 - Peruvian Rebels & the Pearl

In March 1857, Captain Sotheby and his men aboard HMS Pearl found themselves off the Peruvian coast as part of their patrol duties. Britain had declared that it was neutral in the country’s ongoing civil war despite having worked with the established government for many years and so was allowed to drop anchor near the disputed Callao port without opposition from either side. 171 more words


But What Is The Strategy?

The good news is…..thinking……thinking……not much but since we are about to spend our national asses off in defense maybe we should take a look at what we would get for the money. 518 more words

International Situations


When it came time to come home, I was cold and hungry and tired and I had no idea yet that Drew was dead.

Mom greeted me at the door, smile too put on, hug too tight. 519 more words

Flash Fiction

Israel Precipitates New Tensions in Syria - M.K. Bhadrakumar

Israel Precipitates New Tensions in Syria

M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

The Israeli air attacks on Friday near Palmyra in Syria targeting what Tel Aviv claims to be a convoy ferrying weapons for Hezbollah in Lebanon – and what Damascus alleges was a calculated act directed against the  positions of the government forces fighting the Islamic State active in the region – cannot be regarded as a ‘stand-alone’ event. 781 more words

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