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Book One chapter 18


“Diesel wake up,” said Gunny.

Diesel woke with a start. His pistol in one hand and his combat knife in the other hand. Gunny did not move, he knew better. 2,470 more words

Book One Chapter 17


Diesel looked at his radio operator, Tex, who kneeled next to him. Diesel held out his hand. Suddenly there was a receiver in his hand. 2,031 more words

Book One Chapter 15 and 16


Doctor Evan Porter sat between two large roots of an old gnarled pine tree leaning back against the rough tree bark. He was dressed in what could only be described as a prison jump suit. 3,037 more words

Book One Chapter 14


The cargo jet had just shut down and the imposters Wynn and Berkley were stepping down from the aircraft on to the flight deck of the USS Jackson. 3,528 more words

Book One Chapter 13


The Marines of the first platoon had assembled in the ready room aboard the Jackson for the mission brief.  The men had been hard at work for nearly an hour pouring over maps and pictures of the previously unknown Chinese base, trying to familiarize themselves with the area, when General Woods entered the ready room. 3,338 more words

Book One Chapter 12


The committee had assembled this time in the New York City office. The members having flown in from various points from around the world. 2,145 more words

Book One Chapter 11


The senator was sitting in his solarium, reading through the Metro section of an early edition of The Washington Post.  He was still in his cotton plaid pajamas with his robe tucked neatly around him. 2,628 more words