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Breast milk banks: Florida gets a new kind of lending institution

Florida’s getting it’s first-ever mother’s milk bank, the Orlando Sentinel has reported.

The addition to the Human Milk Banking Association of North America will mean that new mothers needing breast milk won’t have to receive overnight shipments of breast milk sent from states such as Texas or Colorado. 133 more words

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Milk Farms = Exploitation

When corporate interests commodify women’s bodies, there’s no way to avoid exploitation. Good intentions aside, this system doesn’t put the power in women’s hands. Women who are suffering might end up having to sell their nutrient-rich breast milk, and feed their own babies low-cost, low-quality formula. 141 more words

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Donating is an act of love

I had a two month supply of breast milk after Ander died, one for the month he was in the hospital and one for the month it took me to wean afterwards. 581 more words

Buying Breast Milk Online? Not Your Best Option

It seems like these days, you can get anything you need on the internet. But are you really getting what you pay for? And when it comes to the health of a baby, there’s no bigger or more important question. 309 more words



There is a fear we will never know joy again, but that sounds a bit self deprecating doesn’t it? If you look for it, you can find joy almost anywhere. 183 more words

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Community Support through Milk banks

Our campaign is excited to dedicate the next two weeks to social topics related to breastfeeding. We want to share a variety of helpful information and resources that you might have questions about or may not have thought of before. 599 more words

Technical issues halt breast milk delivery at Héma-Québec

MONTREAL – Quebec families who rely on donated breast milk to feed their newborns are out of luck.

The Montreal-based Héma-Québec breast milk bank has not been delivering for several months because of a series of technical issues. 209 more words