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41oz donated: Human milk for human babies

Yesterday our first batch of milk was donated to the twins in Rossendale. They are 4 weeks older than Evelyn and their mum has had a problem with supply and now has thrush so is trying to pump and bottle feed them both. 371 more words

2 Months Old

Breastmilk and Donating

A mothers body makes breastmilk uniquely for their child. It is a wonderful gift for a mother to be able to give their baby the absolute best nutrition. 328 more words


Why Not National Bottle Feeding Week?

If you’re a mom or friends with a lot of moms on Facebook, you may have noticed that there’s a lot of chatter about National Breast Feeding Week. 542 more words

Vincent The Magnificent

Relactation! Have you heard of it?

Couldn’t be prouder of my dear friend Rebecca Wright for taking on this challenge.

Doulas Love will be following her on her journey and helping to spread the word on this beautiful act of love she is doing to help the others, without asking for anything in return! 64 more words


Human breast milk industry becoming cutthroat

TRENTON, N.J. – It could trade for 400 times more than the price of crude oil and 2,000 times more than iron ore. If sold off the shelf, it could cost more than 150 times the price of a gallon of cow’s milk and 15 times more than coffee. 907 more words


Breast milk banks: Florida gets a new kind of lending institution

Florida’s getting it’s first-ever mother’s milk bank, the Orlando Sentinel has reported.

The addition to the Human Milk Banking Association of North America will mean that new mothers needing breast milk won’t have to receive overnight shipments of breast milk sent from states such as Texas or Colorado. 133 more words

Things To Do

Milk Farms = Exploitation

When corporate interests commodify women’s bodies, there’s no way to avoid exploitation. Good intentions aside, this system doesn’t put the power in women’s hands. Women who are suffering might end up having to sell their nutrient-rich breast milk, and feed their own babies low-cost, low-quality formula. 141 more words

Social Justice