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Got milk? BC Women’s Hospital asks mothers for help

With Mother’s day fast approaching, BC Women’s Hospital wants to remind people how vital breast milk donation is for many mothers in B.C.

The Provincial Milk Bank, which has operated since 1974, has screened over 4,000 donors and processed 43,000 litres of milk, but the bank says the need for milk continues to rise so they are always looking for new donors. 498 more words


Milk-sharing through time: part four

Moving on from wet-nursing, this post will take a whistle-stop tour through the past and bring us bang up to date with milk sharing practices in the modern era. 785 more words


Breastfeeding struggle continues

LO is currently 3 months old. Yes, I have established some sort of pattern and I understand her so much better now than when she was a newborn. 1,111 more words


Special Contribution to the Milk Bank for New Born in Holguin

Holguin, Aug 9 – The ¨Luz Para la Vida¨ Maternal Milk Bank in the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Provincial Hospital in the Eastern city of Holguin has contributed in the nutrition of over 50 new born in the territory so far this year. 243 more words


Milk Sharing: How to Donate Your Frozen Breast Milk

While some mothers struggle to produce enough breast milk to meet the milk intake of their babies, others are blessed with an excess supply of breastmilk that they eventually run out of freezer space to store their liquid gold. 812 more words