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Olympia Milk Bar and Salon

This building at 190 Parramatta Road, Stanmore is part of the passing streetscape en route to Railway Square, Sydney. The sign under the awning proclaims “milk and snack” “smokes sweets”. 389 more words


2014 BEGINS: Day 134, Friday January 10 2014

We went to the milk bar before work, and I drank two hot milks with chocolate. Delicious.


CHRISTMAS IS COMING: Day 106, Friday December 13 2013

There’s a place called a milk bar by our school, where they sell hot milk and ice cream. Nate and I had been talking about checking out out for a while, and decided that it would be a good way to start a Friday. 62 more words


DC Dishes for Anyone Who Can't Wait Until Thanksgiving

If you somehow haven’t noticed, Thanksgiving is in a few days. It’s time to break out the festive sweaters, plan your dinner menu and maybe hit the gym for a few extra workout sessions. 444 more words

Sweet Eats in the Six: Toronto's Finest

For anyone who believes their body is a temple stop reading right now. Close the browser slowly, rev up your juicer and take some slow, calm breaths. 442 more words


Milk Bar, DC's New Wait-in-Line Dessert Place

G and I closed our recent feast at Momofuku with Milk Bar desserts. It was raining that evening, so the Milk Bar line was manageable. Even still, it’s nice to know we can get Milk Bar desserts – to enjoy at¬†Momofuku as well as to go – without having to queue up. 336 more words