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Milk Carton History

I recently discovered the podcast Food: Non-Fiction where the hosts were discussing the history of the milk carton. Worth a listen if you ever wondered what happened to those wonderful glass milk bottles? 160 more words


Inventions from Korea that you might not have imagined at all!

Good inventions can change the world into a better place. Items invented in Korea also have permeated into the lives of all, making our lives more convenient and more exciting. 391 more words


The Face On The Milk Carton/Whatever Happened To Janie? (1991, 1993)

Janie Johnson is having an ordinary lunch in the high school cafeteria when she notices a child’s picture on the back of her friend’s milk carton. 266 more words


Repurpose milk/juice carton

Ever wonder what to do with those waxed paper cartons of juice or milk?

Here’s a great repurpose project:



Poetry of the Sleep Deprived

Remember how I promised new things? Here’s item one on the list, so it can now be checked off!

On Seeing Your Face on a Milk Carton Back… 289 more words


Jury weighs fate of accused killer of Etan Patz, original 'milk carton' missing child

NEW YORK — When Etan Patz went missing in New York City at age 6, hardly anyone in America couldn’t help but see his face at their breakfast table. 608 more words


All Grown Up

It was dark where we waited in single file to pay a nickel for our carton of milk.  We walked down a wide staircase to reach the basement where a lady collected the fee and handed each one of us a carton.  567 more words