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DIY milk crate container on bike rear mount with lockable compartment

After the second time my homemade tire repair kit got stolen, I decided I needed a lockable place to keep it.  So I made a lockable container incorporated in my milk crate storage container. 259 more words


Upcycle Milk Crate

Before my dad left for Philippines, we tackled another small project. It’s always fun and exciting doing projects with my dad.

I found this old milk crate someone was throwing so I picked it up. 207 more words


Milk Crate Planter Box

Large pot plants can be expensive. Here’s an inexpensive alternative that’s easy to make.

What You Need: Milk crate, filtration fabric, soil, cutting(s) or seeds. Optional: rocks and charcoal for drainage, fertiliser, root hormone gel. 221 more words


Random Fridays: milk crate Santa

This is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a while. I could imagine this giant Santa Claus built from milk crates creaking into life and lumbering among the gawping tourists, its beady eyes fixed on mayhem. 17 more words


Sidewalk Sale Last Days

Sale ends September 30th at 6pm. Cool stuff for super cheap. 1101 A Street, Tacoma.

Vintage Garden Shop