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Marnie and Clémence in David Hockney's Pool: Oliver Spies, Hélène Lahalle, Delphine Chanet and Miep Jukkema for MilK Magazine

It’s good to see children’s fashion photography that references something from a very different visual tradition – but it probably also indicates why this seems to have been one of photographer… 339 more words

Sylvain Homo for MiPac Mini (Featuring Tom Leighton)

This is the lovely portrait that led me to French photographer Sylvain Homo (yes, dear reader, that is his name):

……so sweet even the Mormons like her ( 392 more words

Bonpoint SS13 à la David Hamilton....According to First Luxe Mag

…..I’m really not trying to drag in the late British Francophile photographer David Hamilton, but if I may quote myself from a few weeks ago… 261 more words

Milibe Copenhagen, the Invisible Presence

Sticking with portraits having a fashion origin, these are quirky but fun styles from a really odd-ball brand. As you can see from its name, … 202 more words

Quenotte: Eté 2015 by Simon Pénochet

Quenotte seems to be justifiably proud of this set – and to me it sums up French chic for young girls’ fashion: demure, crisp, understated and yet timelessly cool. 146 more words

Lola in "Birdy" by Piotr Motyka for MilK Magazine

These three shots come from an editorial session for MilK Magazine that is meant to evoke Edie Sedgwick and the ’70s Factory/Pop style: but although… 99 more words

Carmen Ordóñez: Belén in "Holidays Dreaming" for MilK Magazine

There’s a lot going on in these few images from the MilK Magazine blog: apart from photographer Carmen Ordóñez, there’s some great work by the MUAH,  181 more words