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Running with the Devil (Dawg) 

I’m pretty frugal in nature at times, taking moments to save money and cook for myself. So the moments as a tour guide where I give food recommendations to restaurants is my chance to shine as a bullshit artist, molding Yelp, OpenTable, Zagat, and TripAdvisor reviews to fit my own lexicon. 175 more words


Valentine's Day is for Shake Lovers

Valentine’s Day is for lovers.
This Valentine’s Day recipe is for lovers of strawberries. And shakes. And cake. And chocolate. Did we miss anybody? Good, didn’t think so. 152 more words


Strawberry Milk Shake


Strawberry (Sliced): 10 large or 15 medium

Milk (Chilled) : 1 Cup

Fresh Cream Chilled: ¼ Cup

Sugar: ¼ Cup


Step 1: Grind together the strawberries and sugar in a food processor till smooth… 32 more words

Mutual's, Jaipur Food

​House restaurants remind me of the concept of ‘Soul Food’, you know, ethnic cuisine, food prepared with traditional and authentic techniques and meant to preserve the taste and reach ones soul, like that ending scene in Ratatouille. 445 more words

Cafe - Lounge

Long awaited update. Photogrammetry

I haven’t updated this blog for months, so I’ll start off with some really old stuff first like photogrammetry lecture we had 3 million light years ago. 34 more words


Product Review: Sneakz Organic Milkshakes

Today, I am bringing you yet another review. This one comes to you courtesy of Sneakz Organic, a fabulous company located here in the beautiful Sunshine State, whose PR company reached out to me and offered the kids and I the chance to give their products a try. 923 more words