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A to Z Family Stories: M for Milk Route

During part of my father’s farming days he supplemented his dairy business with a milk route that carried milk from neighboring farms to a creamery in a nearby town. 530 more words


Man Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI After Car Collision With Milk Truck

ORANGE (CBSLA.com) — A man has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after investigators say he crashed into a milk truck in Orange Saturday, leaving one person injured. 62 more words


My boobs aren't boobs anymore!

This blog has been brewing in my head for long enough. It has taken me almost three months to fully wrap my mind around, get used to, become a routine and come out and talk about it fully. 717 more words

Being A Mother

The Brooklyn Food Fest Called Smorgasburg

Brooklyn has become a food haven for New Yorkers. Manhattan has become unfriendly, due to lack of space and skyrocketing rentals. There were many restaurants that sounded inviting to visit for a tourist like me. 318 more words

Food And Dining

Harvey The Boosie Milk Truck

This one is probably a little bit of a controversial topic and I am sure everyone has their own opinions about it but I am just going to write about my choices and why I do what I do. 542 more words


The Milk Truck

So I’m taking a class at Berkeley City College. Just managed to get enrolled and signed up for my class – everything online – which was sorta easy complicated forms. 99 more words

Hijacking the Milk Truck

The nearest mall was 45 miles away in the larger city of Roanoke. On warm summer nights during my teenage years my friends and I would  sneak from our homes and meet at pre designated spots.   197 more words