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Triptykon - Destroyers Of The Faith 2012

Following extensive touring in Japan, the United States and Canada, and numerous highly acclaimed concerts and festival appearances in The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and France, Triptykon will continue to promote the group’s “Eparistera Daimones” debut album and the “Shatter” EP in Europe with further touring. 330 more words


>Brutality and goats

>Metal is a funny old thing. To the general public, ‘metal’ is quite simply ‘heavy metal’. Only those in the know or sad losers like me have even an inkling of sludge, grind, death, groove, thrash, black, goregrind, mathcore, pornogrind, folk, and so on and so forth. 424 more words