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150 Years Ago Today

Camp at Goldsborro N.C
March the 28th/65
Dear Father
I have Just recived your Welcom letter Written respectively Jan the 25th and Feb the 23rd and Was truly Glad to hear From home Again but sorrey to hear that you Was so unfortunate in Cutting your thumb and hurting your leg and also to hear that Charley and Jane stil have the Ague but I trust and hope that long Ear this Comes to your hand that all May be restored to the Enjoyment of Health and its blesings and I Wil here say that during all our late Campaighn through the Caolinas lasting Fifty sex days I have Enjoyed uninterupted Good Health and have Enjoyed the March Wel better than Ever before Clinton has been lame During the Campaighn With the rheaumatisam but otherwise he has been Wel and hearty and so thay are stil Marrying and beaing Given in Mariage in old Macon and Joy go With them and the Whiskey sot Wil Come in hereafter as to ole Jim Nesbit that Rather astounds us but truth is an old Adage that Crime May run A While and Flourish but Wil be Detected in the End I am sorrey to hear that your are loosing Mr F.B stickel and Lady as Neighbors for you Wil Mis them Greatley and so thay have Gone to bickering over the building of the Church Which is to be Regretted verey Much as it betrays an un brotherly and unreligious spirit in the Church 1,657 more words

Edmonton group pushes to have portion of Mill Creek resurfaced

WATCH ABOVE: A push is now underway to bring the north end of Mill Creek back to a natural state. Vinesh Pratap has the details. 283 more words


150 Years Ago Today

March the 23rd there Was teribel fighting last Night the fight last Night and yester day Was terribel Equal to shilo the timber is Perfectley riddeled to Peices Lieut Palmer had his knee broke and looses his leg it is Clear and butiful to day

Seeking Dominion over His Own Land

Randolph County landowner on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline route: ‘It’s my land; it must be my choice!’

By Michael Barrick

MILL CREEK, W.Va. – Joao Barroso spent years looking for the perfect parcel of land on which to eventually settle his family and build a natural preserve for others to enjoy. 2,434 more words


Winter Chesapeake (Panorama)

Cold and looming darkness
Lonely and silent dirt road
Blinking radio towers, red and white
Glowing winter.
Barges silently pass,
North and South — in and out, 30 more words

View Of The Lens

Mill Creek Half-Marathon - race report

How we got there?

We all do stupid in our life and I get my share when I signed up for a March half-marathon when the temperatures were still ok in January, just two days before getting a fracture with multiple contusions (special injury combo!). 703 more words


Beautiful Pool Home In Mill Creek

This beautiful pool home gracefully rests on a meticulously maintained corner lot offering nearly 1 acre of landscaped paradise. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 19 more words