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Cell Phones-Pros and Cons

I often wonder about the benefits of the technology age. Is this—the era of immediate accessibility and unlimited mobile porn—truly humanity’s finest? I don’t have the answer—all I have is the perspective of a male in his mid-twenties. 733 more words


Millennial Men: A Rising Economic Underclass

In the Game of Life, the popular, not-so-subtly normative mid-20th century board game, players quickly proceeded to college or on a vocational track, and soon after got jobs, married, bought a house and added the little pink or blue stick figures that represented babies. 931 more words


The act of thanks

Saying Thanks

I have an excellent friend by the name of Ryan, who has known me for a couple of years and more recently has reappeared in my life in the form of a mentor. 1,119 more words


Now I am Become Education, the Destroyer of Worldviews.

If I had been violently raped yesterday and was looking for online help today, I wouldn’t want to read a post where someone else’s rape is meticulously described.  1,101 more words


Episode 1: Chris Palmer - Solar Engineer

I had an idea today to start a podcast where I interview people in their 20’s about what’s going on in their professional lives. My thesis is this: The thing that is common to everyone in this place is that we are where we never could have imagined we would be.  53 more words

Another case of bad timing

There are some things I couldn’t understand in this country. First, why Canadians aren’t fond of eating rice? Second, why cigarettes and cab fares are expensive? 580 more words