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Big banks are freaking out about Toronto real estate

Add Canada’s largest bank to the growing chorus of lenders worrying about unsustainable price growth in Toronto.

“You’re seeing 20% house price growth in a market where you shouldn’t see that much,” Dave McKay, the chief executive of… 350 more words

5 Ways to Foster a Successful, Creative Team of Millennials

The corporate tides are changing. I joke that the coke-fueled, hyper-masculine corporate world of the 1980s is trying to claw its way back to relevance now that the community-minded, touchy-feely millennial culture has taken hold. 1,032 more words


Comprender al alumno para transformar la educación secundaria

La transformación de la escuela secundaria no es un proceso sencillo pues deben descartarse cambios radicales porque su estructura obedece a un sistema preestablecido que renueva enfoques académicos de vez en cuando de arriba hacia abajo, mas no permite lo contrario. 2,217 more words


The Generation of Instant Gratification

My generation – commonly known as the millennial’s – lives in a world where we get things instantly (or at least quickly enough). Combinations of student overdrafts, asap food delivery services and tinder mean that whatever we want, we can have. 295 more words


Dating amongst millennials

We don’t know how to communicate

There isn’t much meaningful conversation amongst this generation considering most of the exchanged messages contain emoji and you gotta interpret it however best it will suit you and not necessarily the senders target especially in this age of over analyzing tiny details. 366 more words


The Advantages of Being an Introverted Young Adult

A Ted Talk on “The Power of Introverts” highlights society’s encouragement of extroversion, suggesting that introversion is less favorable.

The speaker, Susan Cain, speaks of ways in which young people are pushed to be extroverted: whether it be the masses of schoolwork that are done in groups, tables in classrooms facing each other (rather than in rows) and summer camp leaders who emphasize the importance of being rowdy. 828 more words

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How I got Screwed over by an Employee

It was May  2016 when I was offered an opportunity to Freelance in September, as someone who works freelance I knew I would be available because  lets face it, freelance work means you are mostly unemployed and only work when you get job offers. 804 more words