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Something To Believe In: Employee Engagement Across the Generations

Some facts and figures for your consideration:

  • 33% of Americans are actively engaged at work
  • 16% are actively disengaged, ergo
  • 51% of employees are not engaged at work, and haven’t been for some time…
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Baby Boomers

God does not love a refugee

Christians of convenience speak to me from across the sea,

of this Christ I should follow,

a Christ that would help me,

give to me, his prosperity. 332 more words


Why I Can't Even: The Story of Every Millenial

Originally posted onto TealMagazine.com 12/24/16.

Remember that story from Sunday School you heard all the time when you were a kid about Moses parting the sea so that his people could walk across safely? 806 more words


Millennials make us uncomfortable… (That’s why I love them…)

I was talking with a colleague recently about a vision I had to start a unique think tank of sorts. I expressed my desire to acquire a building where people from various generations could rent space for events, or utilize office space for their daily business activities. 693 more words

Career or Children?

Most people in their 20s start to plan out their life. Working out when the right time to have children? Or working out what career path to take? 636 more words


Is honey skin the new White Beauty?

What’s going on in Thailand?

Growing up in Bangkok, the beauty conversation has always been about white, light, fair; and we’ve done anything to achieve it – from sunshine shading umbrellas, to dermatologist treatments, to masks, to eating specific foods … you name it. 695 more words


How big a deal is “Modest Fashion”?

Southeast Asia, a region where Islam is the most widely practiced religion, is a pioneer hub for the growth of Modest Fashion. 2017 is the first year that Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore will hold International… 659 more words