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when white horses become bulldozers.

in my humble opinion, it’s been the purest form of evolution of our generation. it started with wanting to be saved by a handsome prince. we would have to give up our voice and turn into a human, or be sleeping for an abnormally long time, but eventually he would kill the sea witch or kiss us so we would finally wake up and then we’d live happily ever after (okay, so maybe there’s no horse in the sea witch story, but you get my drift). 1,243 more words


So you’re reading this i guess because you are a book addict too? Do you love the vintage theme of books? Do you love the smell of old paper used for books? 491 more words


The 6 Rules of Textiquette

As much as it grieves me, probably 90% of my communication with humans* is done over texting. (Everyone knows that phone calls are only for official biz, your ‘rents, and bae.) This exposure has given me astounding insights into the art, science, law, and public health of texting. 692 more words

About Nothing.

my advice to graduating seniors.

run away.

do something you never thought you could do. do something that scares you to your core. go somewhere that you’ve never been and where you don’t know a soul. 255 more words

Generation X is Generation Intercession

I see everywhere around me young people (Millenials) who have felt disgusted by older people’s harsh religious mindsets that they wrongly associate with God’s truth. In their attempts to free themselves from the judgement they feel they run in the direction of love because they certainly don’t want to offend other people in the same way they feel offended by the older generations lack of love and fierce adherence to the truth. 702 more words


More millennials buying homes without parents' help

Younger homeowners are increasingly buying first homes, without the Bank of Mom and Dad.

Sometimes they go it alone out of a desire for independence; sometimes it’s a reflection of their parents’ financial realities. 94 more words

The Art of Losing

So here you are, this is everything you have been working for. Everything you have dreamed of. You have trained with a sense of dire urgency, never taking your eyes off the prize at the end of the road. 1,092 more words