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25 and In-Between?

Let me tell you about these years of my life I like to call “The In-Between.” I am in-between groups friends, in-between living away at college and finding a place of my own to call home, and next week I will be officially between 20 and 30 years old. 542 more words


The Ultimate Gift for Mom: Financial Freedom via Inbound Marketing

The Ultimate Gift for Mom: Financial Freedom via Inbound Marketing

Well, it's Mother's Day (okay, May 8, 2016) and time to honour the Old Girl, who gave birth to you and plays or played a pivotal role in your success or failure throughout life, just ask her. Oh yes, your FATHER;…

Tattoos and Travel

To add to the theme of popular things I don’t quite get, I want to talk about tattoos (today) and travel (tomorrow).


Women and men of a certain age have these photos of… 1,038 more words

Respectful Retaliation 

I think Alexis Bloomer obviously is a compassionate woman, but here’s an amazing article illustrating my views and why I respectfully disagree with her opinion of the millennials. 122 more words

What Defines Our Generation?

Throwback Thursday everyone! :) 

Here is a poem I wrote on February 18th, 2015…

Although I think our generation is fine

Millennials feel we must grow a spine… 113 more words

Proposed Vancouver Millennial Mentorship Program not a new idea

Reported by Serena Pattar

Although a Google search highlights an abundance of mentorship programs, that’s not stopping Melissa De Genova, a Non-Partisan Association (NPA) Vancouver city councillor, from introducing a motion for a City of Vancouver Mentorship Program for Millennials interested in public service. 361 more words

Confessions Of A Recent College Grad: I Don't Know What I'm Doing

I do email marketing for my company’s clients.

I sent out an email yesterday with a massive typo, and now my boss is reaming me out for it. 906 more words