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Completely Unrelated Random Ramblings

Hello faithful blog brothers and sisters! Haven’t had many thoughts worth sharing lately, so I’ve been quiet. Luckily, today there’s actually a few things brewing so, pull up a chair, and let your cup runeth over. 606 more words

5 Tips for Recent College Grads Entering the Work Place from Another Millenial

From someone who has been there in the past decade, and from someone who has mentored interns and new hires, there is a lot of everyday knowledge to pick up transitioning from college to the “Real World.”  Here is my advice: 488 more words

Career Development

tack on a fee for library use,

a program cost for freshman Welcome Week (mandatory),

and don’t forget about room and board.

Higher tuition,

buy new computers to replace last year’s model, 87 more words


Yes, Hipsters Are Going To Adult Preschool In Brooklyn

Have you ever thought that you wasted your youth? Not your high school years, when your waistline was as small as your responsibilities. No, do you ever think that you just didn’t enjoy being 4 years old enough? 264 more words

Web Culture

#OpulentBeats: FNX for the Culture

FNX is Like a Knight of the Golden Era Transported in Time to Save Hip-hop From Non-lyricism” -Kool G Rap

Everyone has their own struggles to deal with and to eventually learn from. 411 more words


Some musings on procrastination and maturity

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! Mine was perfect but too short (isn’t that always the way?).

Recently, I realized that I’ve been changing a part of my personality that I thought was ingrained into the deepest recesses of my soul: I’m slowly but surely becoming less and less of a procrastinator. 396 more words