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The Brain Basis for the Digital Daze of Millenials

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As a neuroscientist who studies child brain development, I strongly support the promotion of public policies that will help edify the minds and brains of our youngest citizens.

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Hygge is a Danish word which so far cannot be translated into English, but it is supposedly the secret to a happy life. I recently bought ‘the book of hygge’ by Louisa Thompsen Brits, mostly because it was so satisfying to look at, but the more I read, the more interesting and potentially relevant it became. 209 more words


Am I a snake person?

Am I a Millenial Snake Person? Rolling Stone says that Millennials have “never heard of” these things. So I read through the list and commented on each thing. 753 more words

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"It's not you..it's me"

I love hedgehogs, with their cute little face, and that soft pink tummy. Once you win a hedgehog’s trust they let you touch them, feed them, they, quite literally, open up to you. 455 more words


Video Games - Latest Scapegoat for Unemployment?

The 21st century has certainly been a divisive and worrisome era, from politics to social issues to finances. The best minds in the country have been working hard to explain the problems in society – one of those problems being the growing unemployment among today’s young adults. 706 more words


U.S. Presidential Campaign

This Choice~

It has to come down,
the hired experts tell us,
as we all stand staring up
at patches of blue sky
through the shrinking… 150 more words

Anne McCrady

Millennials are mobile first – what marketers need to know.

Who are Millenials?

There is some disagreement about who exactly the millennial generation are.  Wikipedia suggests millennials are those with birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s and ending birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.  24 more words

Marketing To Millenials