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Sometimes I feel like my whole day is one big run on sentence. I wake up in the morning thinking about what I have to get done from that moment until dinner. 147 more words


Differing opinions make us better

I wrote a staff editorial as the minority opinion, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

The editorial addresses the relationships between law enforcement and minority groups within my city and around the country. 386 more words


The true voice of the 2000s

Last week, the BBC revealed the results of a poll they commissioned to find the best films since the year 2000. The poll canvassed the opinions of some 177 critics and produced a pretty solid (if somewhat predictable) list, which can be viewed… 218 more words


Be A Chess Player

This is the mindset of the new entrepreneur and the creative entrepreneur. In a world of chest pieces, you decide to be a chess player. The world is full of chess pieces and it is your decision if you want to be one or join those that are players, those who are taking control of their lives and businesses. 127 more words

The Creative Lifestyle

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Top Trends Like Offering a Line of Credit for Customers?

Open a Line of Credit for Your Customers

There is always something new to try in an effort to grow your business. Some of these “new” trends are actually age-old marketing methods that are simply seeing resurgence. 476 more words

The HELPcard

the shame of using self checkout because all you're buying is a frozen pizza for one

So my apartment is a block behind a 24/7 Harris Teeter.  This has been both a blessing and a curse.

Because there’s a lot of Friday nights where going out and being sociable is way too much effort, so I compensate by buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a box of wine instead.  565 more words

A Millennial Couple

Let me introduce you to Charlie, my wonderful and handsome step son.  Last month he introduced us to his beautiful girlfriend Jen, and together we celebrated his 26th birthday! 68 more words