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You're not actually going INTO an asteroid field by Rob Surette

The second print to feature the Millennium Falcon is this one by a new artist to ACME Rob Surette. Titled “You’re Not Actually Going INTO an Asteroid Field”, it too is from the Asteroid chase scene in The Empire Stikes Back. 50 more words

Millennium Falcon

Planetesimals by Cliff Cramp

ACME have released a few prints this week and three of them feature the Falcon.
The firesfrom Cliff Cramp is called Planetessimals and showcases the famous asteroid scene from The Empire Strikes Back. 35 more words

Millennium Falcon

Science of Star Wars: Asteroid Fields

Star Wars has given us many delightful moments dodging asteroids.  This fun isn’t quite realistic, but it’s fun to contemplate asteroid belts in our own solar system.  218 more words

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Bandai's 1:72 "Perfect Grade" model

Bandai are releasing this beautiful 1:72 scale version of the Millennium Falcon as seen in Star Wars Episode IV; A New Hope.

Based on the five foot version of the filming models, Bandai’s “Perfect Grade” version claims that it looses none of the detail. 188 more words

Millennium Falcon

Banpresto Millennium Falcon Cockpit

In the absence of Hot Toys releasing their awesome Cockpit Dio, I was rather pleased to stumble across this rather neat review of a Banpresto Millennium Falcon Cockpit on a… 196 more words

Millennium Falcon

Millenial Falcon pin

While we’re on the subject of pins, I also bought this “Millennial Falcon” pin from futureChampion‘s store envy page.

They’re was only $9.50 plus shipping. 30 more words

Millennium Falcon

   This article is part of a special StarWars.com series in honor of Star Wars’ 40th anniversary on May 25. With Star Wars celebrating its 40th anniversary this week, fans all over the world have be [ 57 more words

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