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@infinitycrates July box opening space and time theme

So, my final subscription box arrived (final as I now have more tshirts than its possible to wear) from infinity crates with a space and time theme. 288 more words

Hobby Projects

Millennium Falcon Scissors from Roseart

I have the Roseart Pencil Sharperner and I’ve seen these scissors on ebay many times, but i’ve held back on buying them as i couldn’t make out the details and thought that people were listing them as Millennium Falcon scissors due to the shape of them. 57 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Mamesara (Small Plate) from Star Wars Visions Tokyo

I picked up this Souvenir “Mamesara” plate on Ebay.com. It’s from the 2015 Tokyo Star Wars Visions exhibition. It wasn’t cheap, but i figured that as a collectible souvenir it wouldn’t really be readily available in the future. 25 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Boxer Briefs from Bioworld

These boxer briefs are made by Bioworld and they’re not cheap. Current ebay lists are for between 21$ and $28.

I must confess that this made me laugh when i saw them, but they do actually look pretty comfortable.

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Check Out Hot Toys 18 Foot Long Millenium Falcon Scale Model!

Hot Toys are well-known for their super realistic scale model figures of almost anything nerd culture related. Be it film, comics, games etc. & more they have a multitude of figures that fanboys would kill for. 174 more words


Hot Toys 1:6 Millennium Falcon Main Hold?

This diorama of the Millennium Falcon’s main hold has been seen at the Hong Kong Toy Fair next to their awesome 1:6 scale Millennium Falcon. There has been no announcement as to whether this will be made available to the public, but hopefully it’ll be another set similar to their cockpit. 31 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Jeremy Ennis Dejarik table

Also from Jeremy Ennis is this Micro drawing of the Dejarik table. Again, at $50, this is a reasonable price.

I quite like the way he’s made the hologram figures translucent.

Things That I Don't Have Yet...