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The Value of Summer Breezes for Life/Work Balance

After we in higher education engage in one, or numerous Commencement ceremonies, and feel a sense of satisfaction that we continue to guide the development of our nation’s intellectual capital, many of our thoughts drift to a summer season of different projects and/or vacations. 554 more words

Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital

The kids are alright

I think the lilac should be the official flower of millennials.


Unpretentious, naturally organic, and optimistic, the lilac is always more dependable than you think it’s going to be. 519 more words

The millennial generation are not to blame for their entitled and self-aggrandising behaviour – that’s the fault of their parents and upbringing.

What the millennials can do, however, is to adapt their behaviour and modify their instincts to get on and progress in the workplace. So, Generation Y, I present you with some immediate suggestions and improvements you can make, starting today.

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Thank You #Chem #Team of #TheUniversityOfMontana :)

This College Freshman is officially a Sophmore!!! :D Goodbye final exams!!! Hello #MyTime :D

#TheTruthAboutUM <3 It’s a #GreatSchool!!! :) You just have to know the right people, go to #OfficeHours…. 135 more words

Writing Journey

Social Media Is Making Us Crappy People

I am your token millennial. I was born in 1987, (you can check my driver’s license should you feel skeptical). I am young enough to use Google as a verb, but old enough to have owned mix tapes. 1,190 more words

Dear Millennial, There’s Nothing Wrong With Knowing What You Want And Going After It

We are the ‘millennial’ generation. We are the ones who aren’t supposed to have our lives together. The ones milling about, jobless and purposeless. We’re not supposed to know who we are yet. 565 more words