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Dear Millennials: We Are Worth It

“The generation who was told they could do anything.”

This is what they tell us in classrooms throughout our lives. The teachers smile and almost bitterly tell us students about our culture and why we feel the way we do when people ask us what we want to be when we grow up. 384 more words

Pedophilic Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre would have Loved the Millennial Generation’s Debauchery

Philosophy, in and of itself, cannot be the tool by which man can achieve truth. Since man’s reasoning is corrupted and flawed, the possibilities are highly likely that what emanates from it is corrupted as well. 1,027 more words


Millennial Minister to Millennial Christian (Pt 2)

Millennial Christian: Strengthen Your Faith

The Millennial Generation is categorized as those born from 1982-2002. This means that age of this generation ranges from 34 years old to 14 years old.  1,382 more words

Christian Living

America’s Greatest Problem

As 2016 rolled to a close, many citizens in the United States were eager to put a year of grinding problems behind them.

Terrorist attacks. An opioid addiction crisis. 275 more words

Social Policy

Invest in Experiences, Not Assets

​Nowadays, the traditional measure of success — owning an apartment and/or a car — is out of date. An increasing number of young people around the world don’t want to buy them. 694 more words

The Millennials and Social Media: Is this Helpful or Harmful to this Generation?

Using various forms of social media has become a part of most young adults’ daily routine. While these social networking sites allow us to communicate instantaneously with one another, has this luxury made face-to-face encounters more difficult? 573 more words

Social Media

What We've Done To Our Young People Could Be Considered Child Abuse

The recent reaction by many young people over the election of Trump tells us more about us than it tells us about them. We have not prepared this generation to live in the real world. 738 more words