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Millennials: Find Your Passion in Life

This day and age is for those who choose to seek for themselves and find happiness in their career. This is in stark contrast to our grandparents’ generation. 566 more words

Millennial Generation


The purpose for my documentation is not due to inspiration, but rather, skepticism. A conversion of doubt, wonder and dread.

     It all came together when local historical records confirmed these events took place. 2,702 more words

21st Century

Millennial Is A Stupid Word, And This Is Why We Should Stop Using It

You know what the stupidest word in the English language is? Plethora. You know what the second stupidest word is? Millennial. And I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of the word, which apparently has something to do with a utopian sense of optimism. 1,020 more words

Here's The Thing: You Don't Need To Be Texting Someone Nonstop

Call it a side-effect of working full-time on the internet, but I’ve made a (not really) shocking discovery lately.

Happiness does not come in the form of a text message. 806 more words

Millennial life in the slow lane

Sometimes I feel younger than I actually am. Could I be thinking like the Millennial generation?


– Working for enjoyment not necessarily advancement or a big salary. 641 more words

on my (only two-year) anniversary

Since it happens to be my anniversary (but now I’m sitting down to blog), I’m pondering ways in which my own college ministry experience (as a student) prepared me for the past two years. 264 more words

Assessment & Strength

A decline of Christianity in Western Civilization?

The Pew survey on religious affiliation has landed like a bomb within the internet and the subsequent explosion has invited much discussion within the past week over the shrapnel. 1,031 more words

Theological Issues