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The Millennial Lag

Despite having a higher rate of educational attainment than any previous generation, U.S. millennials (between 16-34 years of age) ranked lower than most of their international peers in literacy, mathematics and technology problem solving in a recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Educational Testing Service (ETS). 69 more words

Millennial Generation


In my last post I told you about the Superhero Boostcamp. It was really inspirational and there were some speakers who told about their adventure, passions, dream and obstacles on the way to achieve that dream. 191 more words


The Unicorn Blues

Every now and then I’m struck with the crippling, overwhelming feeling of “not enough” or “less than.” Usually it’s relatively fleeting and can be silenced by a weekend getaway or a really good movie. 996 more words


Comparison is the Thief of Joy

After talking to a very close friend of mine recently, it occurred to me that the mental health of the millennial generation might actually be an issue that needs to me addressed. 596 more words

Gen2 | Conclusion

To say the least, I was absolutely thrilled to be an attendee at the Gen2 Conference last month.  The speakers were amazing – what a blessing to see these men and women humbly submit to be used of the Lord! 757 more words

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Does the REAL ESTATE Industry design software for REALTORS® or Consumers?

Does the REAL ESTATE Industry design software for REALTORS® or Consumers?

I love Margaret Gould Stewart’s statement in her TED Talk, “Know who you are designing for” 475 more words


Generation Now.

I was recently listening to an old edition of the TED radio hour from NPR. It was about the ‘Millennial Generation.’ Now, being part of this generation, I know that there is a stigma surrounding us that we’re lazy, not driven, still holding onto the safety net of our parents, we don’t take things seriously, things are given to us without us really having to try at anything. 326 more words