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The Misguided Generation has Spoken | Part 1

We live in a strange era – a time where literally everything happens at once and in such a ridiculously fast pace. This alone makes it tricky for one to know what they should be doing and what they shouldn’t focus much on. 3,132 more words


That Confusing External Voice

It always starts with a sense of confusion at a young age.

Imprints begin to happen when whose who were around you, the adults, started to act around you as if they knew what they were doing. 49 more words

Koyote The Blind

No More Acess - I'm digitally hangry. Is that still a thing?

Music: Of your fake dimension – Com Truise

OH NO!!!!

I’m so disheartened that I no longer have access to research databases anymore. I know this breakup with scholarly research was inevitable once I was out of school (again), but I was dreading it almost every day. 248 more words


App Time for Nap Time: The Parennials Are Here

The much-examined generation born between 1980 and 2000 are now having children of their own, and parenting very differently from their forebears.

Published: November 4, 2017 at 05:30AM… 69 more words


Why Go So Far?

Christian Missions in the Digital Age

A few weeks ago, I witnessed a conversation between an ardent proponent of Christian missions and an eighteen-year-old male student at a Christian college in North Carolina. 797 more words

Gaming as shamanic art: what happens when you face your shadow?

How far can gaming help us know ourselves?

If a video game is created as a work of art, and it’s taken beyond the comercial need to be liked, cute, or merely pleasing to most, it can really take us to a confrontation with our shadow. 113 more words

Koyote The Blind

2017, an Era Where It's All About Casual Sex And Not Relationships Anymore.

Am I crazy or are we going through the dark ages of dating right now? The millennial generation seems to love to keep going up in the air, half committed and confusing as hell. 597 more words

Live And Learn