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The Bible Belt's Dirty Little Secret

If you live in the South, you know it is known for football, iced tea, fried chicken and politeness. It is also known as the Bible Belt. 414 more words

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Dark Ages: Dealing with Depression as a Millennial

On a cold January night during my sophomore year at the University of Kansas, I’m lying awake in the pitch black of my bedroom at my father’s house in Lawrence. 135 more words


Retirement Planning Advice to Millennials

Seven tips for Millennials toward achieving retirement readiness:

  1. Save for retirement. Start saving as early as possible – and as much as possible. Save consistently over time.
  2. 297 more words
Millennial Generation

Why It Sucks So Hard When Someone Doesn't Text Back

It’s that pesky millennial problem. The read by notification. The “You posted something online, and I’m trying not to be a freak about this, but I know this means you just aren’t responding to me. 655 more words

Ministering to Millennials (Part II - Who Are They and What's Driving Them Away?)

Last week we said that the research suggests Americans are less frequently labeling themselves “Christian” and those who are have lost a great deal of Christian orthodoxy in beliefs and practice, i.e. 2,204 more words

More Milliennials Choosing Burbs Over Central Cities

Here’s the usual media narrative: Millennials prefer cities to suburbs. They love renting lofts and disdain single-family homes; they ride the subway (or take an Uber) because they barely know how to drive. 251 more words

Millennial Generation

The Pursuit of Something Better

I am part of the Millennial Generation, the age group that is described as being lazy, narcissistic, and self-entitled. And though I hate these labels as much as the next millennial, they may hold some truth. 499 more words