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What We've Done To Our Young People Could Be Considered Child Abuse

The recent reaction by many young people over the election of Trump tells us more about us than it tells us about them. We have not prepared this generation to live in the real world. 738 more words


Millennials around the world

By Britt van Heekeren | Millennial generation

Next to my travel and lifestyle stories, I want to dedicate a part of this blog to my thoughts, observations and interest in the Millennial generation. 772 more words

Millennial Generation

Millennials and Peer Based Teaching in the Church

Millennials are leaving the church at an alarming rate. Some say as many as 70% leave the church after they graduate from high school. Older 20 and 30 something millennials are characterized as self-centered, selfish and immature when compared to the same age groups in other countries. 673 more words

Overwhelmed by the world

By Britt van Heekeren | Millennial generation

Cars speeding past, the sound of the strong wind whistling, thousands of people walking around, light and colours so intense and different scents surrounding you. 810 more words

Millennial Generation

Van Jones: "Whitelash"

Since political activist Van Jones used the word “whitelash” on CNN after the election  a bunch of people have lost their minds. Nothing makes some folks more uncomfortable than the very mention of race, so touché, Van. 184 more words

The Skinny

Trump Election Shows We Have A Strange Way Of Turning Desire Into Punishment

I briefly recall sitting about five months ago in the living room, telling my boyfriend I am positively sure Donald Trump will win the elections. We plunged into a four hour debate, him trying to convince me he won’t – because Americans have much more discernment now, and me insisting how, same as everywhere, the rural or poor, uneducated population has the greatest influence because it is in itself the easiest to be influenced. 1,261 more words

And now...moving on...My letter to the Young Folk

I’m impressed with how you are engaged and involved with today’s political & social issues. I’m hopeful for America’s future because YOU are that future. And yet it breaks my heart to see you filled with stress at having to witness the moral degradation of late. 502 more words

Civil Rights Movement