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Self pampering

Think about the word “pamper” and all the connotations that it carries. For some it could be a selfish word, or a word for newborns, or for some a word missing from their lives. 373 more words

Millennial Generation

Why Is the Blame On Us?

The word ‘entitled’ is a well-known word that is often used in the same sentence when describing a millennial. It is a word that even I have grown accustomed to hearing and often makes me automatically ignore the rest of the context. 582 more words


First time home buyer

6 months ago I signed the closing paperwork to buy my first home.

Now that I am settled, I can truly enjoy this blessing. However, the process was a nightmare. 780 more words

Millennial Generation

Poinsettia 2.0

I work in the marketing department at a local garden center here in Minneapolis. My job is to support the other members of the marketing team while taking on a few of my own projects. 1,844 more words


Remembering 9/11

Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

Where were you when 9/11 happened?

I remember being asked this question all throughout by teen years and into my college career. 582 more words

Millennial Generation


PA, whom is your article intended to address? Boomer men, like me, who are already reading your blog regularly? Is your objective to incite yet more hatred among younger White men who already hate Boomers?

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A week in Chicago

I have never been east of Colorado, only west. I do have roots in Chicago, grandfather’s family, none of which I know. I have always heard the tourist opinions of Chicago, the deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs, Wrigley Field, the bean (Cloud Gate). 348 more words

Millennial Generation