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6 Complaints About Millennials That We're All Sick Of Hearing

Millennial. The word is so overused.

Born between the early 1980’s through the early 2000’s; we are known as the “why” generation. The last generation that lived both with and without Internet, cell phones, and the oh-mighty-Google. 728 more words

Revolutionary Tips on Generational Marketing for Real Estate

Understanding how different generations are shaped will help you understand how to reach potential buyers and sellers when building your sales funnel.  How do these groups think? 1,092 more words

Real Estate

Millennials Into Politics? Who Knew

So. A lot of the articles that I’ve come in contact with lately (more like all of them) have been very adamant about the fact that millennials are not passionate and a… 434 more words

More Old Men Complain About Millennials

Oh, Mr. Stein and Mr. Sanburn, where to begin? At least they were honest in the beginning of their piece “The New Greatest Generation… 528 more words

Their sense of entitlement...

I hear a lot about how young people, usually those of us, who are grouped into the Millennial generation (usually those born between 1990’s and 2000’s although most stats go to 80’s as well), have a sense of entitlement, how we’re lazy as hell and how we “just don’t want to become adults.” 4,264 more words


It's Harvest Time

For many years, the body of Christ has been talking about the great move that God will be doing for the millennial generation. We know that it will be a move, but nobody knows exactly how He will do it. 812 more words


The Tina* Chronicles Vol. 1

I’ve been a busy bee this past week with the onset of my final semester at the University of Tennessee and the first week of classes.   506 more words