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Vocation. Integration. Combination.

Patrick Didonato on work, ministry, and personal integration:

For the lay disciple, what is the difference between being just a great and working for the Church full-time?

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Discipleship & Faith Formation

Millennials, Minimalism and Me

I am one of those millennials we keep hearing about in the news. The age range is somewhat loosely defined but being born in 1988, I’ve always been squarely within that spectrum. 1,086 more words

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Voters' Anger

Bill Clinton seems to think he knows why voters are so angry.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the former president speculated as to why voters are so angry during this election cycle. 157 more words


Females are Strong as Hell

After the Treasury Department stated that Alexander Hamilton was safe on the $10, we fans of the musical were breathing a sigh of relief. What we didn’t know was that we were in for another treat. 210 more words


An Open Letter to the Millennial Generation

To the reading Millennial,

I am a Millennial, born in 1996. I am frustrated and tired. I know you are too. Most of us are in college now, finals are quickly approaching, and I don’t know about you-but I want to lay in bed and watch House of Cards until next Thursday. 780 more words


Bloodless Period

The “men” of the millennial generation have tried with all their might to “kill off” what’s left of masculinity, bringing us man buns, male feminists… 892 more words


Fear and Self-Loathing on Leap Year: An Extended Look at One Millennial Girl’s (Very Real) Existential Crisis

It’s often not cool to be the one
who puts themselves out there.

 —Emma Watson


It’s better to just admit that you are a complex being… 9,346 more words

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