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Dear Millennial, There’s Nothing Wrong With Knowing What You Want And Going After It

We are the ‘millennial’ generation. We are the ones who aren’t supposed to have our lives together. The ones milling about, jobless and purposeless. We’re not supposed to know who we are yet. 565 more words

The Power of Cell Phones

As a college student I do not know anyone in my generation that does not have a cell phone. Everyone that I know has a cell phone and I am 100% sure that all those people use it on a daily basis. 353 more words


The Millennial Generation

Why is it that with this generation so many “kids” seem bound & determined to have such serious relationships so young? I can hear people talk; they say it’ll never last, they need to live first, they can’t have kids now they can barely support themselves, they need to make their stake professionally first, yada yada yada. 966 more words

Have We Completely Forgotten How To Love?

Like many older couples, my parents are a product of an arranged-ish marriage. My dad got to pick out my mom and just like that they were married. 921 more words

The College Core: Essential for Augmenting Life's Potential

The College Core: Essential for Augmenting Life’s Potential

Recently, with some colleagues, I have been thinking, and engaging in dialogue, about the outcomes of a general education curriculum, or Core, at our university and similar institutions. 395 more words

Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital

This Is The Unedited Truth About The Millennial Side Hustle

You graduated a little over two months ago and you still haven’t gotten a single request from any of the hundreds of jobs you applied for. 638 more words

Snobbery and aspiring to roughness

Can they coexist? Well, 21st century hipster culture has certainly proved itself capable. Hipster culture is embodied by food trucks cooking up instagram-friendly fusion foods and coffeehouses serving pricey brews in an industrial setting, among other examples. 163 more words