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Which Came First

We all have grown up with the rhetorical question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”. The question has been posed for a myriad of circumstances; good grades and study…or bad grades and no study, hard work and rewards…or no work and no rewards, love and returned love…or, wait that one really doesn’t apply does it. 734 more words


Being A Millennial Sucks

I love my life. I love my wife. I love my friends. I love my fans. I love technology. I love that I can be whatever I want to be. 735 more words

Millennials: The Ask

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Leadership Development

Millennials: The Argument For Separate Training

There’s been talk in HR circles that one of the most overrated and unnecessary training a company can do is for Millennials.

I understand the stance that people are people and what Millennials want: … 353 more words

Leadership Development

Excellent Sheep Book Review

The modern university system in the United States is repeatedly under fire, its effectiveness in question. Many professors, parents, and even government leaders have released books covering possible issues and solutions while few changes in the system are put in place.   863 more words

Book Review

Vocation. Integration. Combination.

Patrick Didonato on work, ministry, and personal integration:

For the lay disciple, what is the difference between being just a great and working for the Church full-time?

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Discipleship & Faith Formation

Millennials, Minimalism and Me

I am one of those millennials we keep hearing about in the news. The age range is somewhat loosely defined but being born in 1988, I’ve always been squarely within that spectrum. 1,086 more words