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In dog beers I've had one

This past Sunday, Aug 28, I went to a bar with a few co-workers for an afternoon drink and one last wind-down before the work week.   445 more words



Well I talked to my Dud this morning.  That’s my English American fond term for my Dad.

I always used to want to write a book called, “Conversations with My Dad.”  But the familiarity fell away over time and the conversation deteriorated. 223 more words

Hi Tech

7 Things Every Girl Should Know About Dating In Her 20s

Dating! Doesn’t that sound fun? You meet someone, you spend time with each other, you develop butterfly feelings and now you are all lovey-dovey calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. 695 more words

The Millennial Generation: Overtaking the Baby Boomers?

The millennial generation is generally defined as that group of individuals in the U.S.  born between 1980 and 2000. We are hearing a lot about the millennials currently, particularly with regard to how they may affect the 2016 U.S. 510 more words

Tales From The Safe Space, Part 40 – The University Of Chicago Fights Back

Yes, some things – like academic freedom – are more important than the delicate feelings of new undergraduate students. Kudos to the University of Chicago for making their incoming freshman class aware of that hard fact up front. 1,668 more words

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How'd We Get Here?

The millennial memory — mapped.

By Elliot Owen
Ui Culture

People love throwing shade at the Millennial generation. We’ve been called everything from entitled, selfish, and narcissistic, to the “most hated generation” to ever walk the Earth. 1,290 more words


Why Millennials can't find jobs

And what can be done to help

The Millennial generation is the most well-educated generation in history, coming of age in a world that has never had more total wealth than it does right now. 1,101 more words