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Rachel Bloom is the Millennial Idol We Need

Rachel Bloom, the genius behind the whimsical, musical and delightfully uncomfortable Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is and should be a hero to us all.

Originally developed for Showtime, Bloom’s manic and wonderful musical comedy found a surprising home at the CW. 460 more words

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The Girlfriend Experience Premieres Sunday

Premiering April 10, Starz’s The Girlfriend Experience chronicles the life a college student/law intern who takes up prostitution to pay her pesky bills. In a moment of desperation, hasn’t every millennial considered that? 139 more words

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Netflix is RAISING its prices

So the worst news of the century, Netflix is officially and sneakily raising its prices on long-standing customers. Those who were originally grandfathered in are no longer safe! 133 more words

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Work Til You Drop (Into a Split)

We that take shitty jobs to pay soul-crushing bills. We work hard to experience a life that’s trying to leave us behind at every turn. But when it all feels like a bit too much, turn to these ladies: 36 more words

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Perfect Response to NYTimes Trend

So I wrote about the New York Times trend piece on millennials, but I definitely held back a lot of the punches. I definitely made a point, but I told myself to go easy because I’m a journalist and I shouldn’t incorporate any bias or too much opinion. 300 more words

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Inside the Millennial Newsroom, Kind of

Mic, founded in 2011 as the solution to news for millennials, recently was profiled in The New York Times. It’s an interesting concept for one publication to profile another, but the core subject of the article written by Ben Widdicombe was whether millennials can be trusted to get over themselves and run a company. 364 more words

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Oops! Millennials Ruined Something, Again

This just in: the stereotypical millennial traveler is causing a hotel room transformation.

According to Mashable, who snatched it from the Associated Press, hotels are redesigning hotel rooms in accordance with the minimalism seemingly preferred by millennials. 203 more words

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