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Millennial Time Spent on Mobile Internet Gradually Increasing

Smartphones have surpassed PC/laptop ownership for Internet access among Millennials. Eighty-seven percent of the Millennial generation around the world, aged 18 to 32, use a smartphone to access the Internet, the majority who report using smartphones to access the Internet three hours per day, up from 2.72 hours in 2014. 338 more words

Millennial Demographics Could Point to Digital Media Trends

Almost half of the Millennial generation, aged 18 to 32, still live with their parents (45%), while 23 percent live with a partner and 17 percent live alone. 385 more words

The HR Beast

Warning: If you are a proud HR ((((professional)))), kindly piss off.

There it is – the job posting you’ve been waiting for. You meet the requirements, you spend time tailoring your resume to exact specifications and details of the job posting, you pour your heart out into an eloquently written cover letter – you just HAVE to be contacted, at the least! 701 more words

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Job Scam Alert: The New Trend of Preying on Desperate Millenial Job-seekers

As much as your happy-go-lucky, well-connected peers or your boomer parents may deny it: Jobs. Are. Scarce. Otherwise, why would there be a growing trend of scammers using job postings to extract your personal information (back in the early 2000s, it was a winning lottery notice or a long lost royal uncle, heh, remember?) or to get you to work for free? 757 more words

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Millennial Ranting: The Blog

Welcome to Disgruntled Black Millennial. The blog title is meant to describe myself, but I’m sure it describes many of you who found this page – early 20s to early 30s, disillusioned by a world that is nothing what you thought it would be, dealing with frequent bouts of depression and struggling to find your place in society before it leaves you behind completely. 279 more words

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Telecoms open shop on Madison Avenue, but will brands buy?

Many companies have transformed and realigned their focus with great success. Avon transitioned from peddling books door-to-door to marketing beauty products. Wrigley started as a soap and baking soda company. 1,919 more words


Don't Hard Sell Us! Millennials Need Light Touch Advertising

I hate being conned into buying a brand. As a person, I’ve always been influenced by others but only when they aren’t actually attempting to sell me. 261 more words

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