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Scientists are using drones to fight malaria in Zanzibar

On a typically hot and humid July day in Stonetown, the capital of Zanzibar, a gaggle of children, teenagers and the odd parents watched our small drone take flight. 873 more words

These are the barriers to African countries using research for better policy decisions

African policymakers need access to high quality evidence to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) successfully. The SDGs are arguably the most broad-ranging development goals… 718 more words

The Millennium Development Goals

In 2000, the United Nations set out a series of eight goals set to be achieved by 2015. Whilst they may not have been fully met, great progress has most definitely been made! 1,357 more words

Does the World Have Enough Midwives?

When a woman goes into labour, a million thoughts will run around in her head. Most of these thoughts will focus on the safe delivery and well-being of her child. 839 more words

BRAC University

‘Lamenting Cycle of Poverty’: So Few Should Not Determine Future of So Many – Joe Issa

Environmental advocate and philanthropist Joe Issa is lamenting the reality of the 80-20 rule of thumb stating it doesn’t have to be so for poverty and inequality as the situation is man-made and therefore, can be improved so that more people can share in the wealth of the nation. 544 more words

Joesph John Issa

Gender and Development in Action

For centuries, women are being set aside in the community of men. Gender biases in favor of men are rampant anywhere. From the workplace to the very inside of a home. 405 more words

Bam Alegre

Save The Date: The 2017/8 GEM Report is due out 24 October, 2017

The GEM Report team is pleased to announce that the 2017/8 Report, ‘Accountability in Education: Meeting our Commitments’ will be released on October 24, 2017. We can also reveal the Report’s front cover, which shows a girl protesting outside her school. 308 more words

Millennium Development Goals