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Opinion: Access to education is essential for children around the world

Education advocates and government ministers met this past week at the World Education Forum in South Korea to advance efforts to make a quality education accessible to all children… 573 more words


The Global [Education] Monitoring Report has a new mandate for the next fifteen years

The mandate of our report, known since Dakar as the EFA Global Monitoring Report (EFA GMR), has been formally prolonged. This mandate and our new name, the… 775 more words

Millennium Development Goals

Global Health, an Introduction

Global health trends have involved a number of factors since the late 18th century until the modern day. Since then, humans have only begun to develop a sense of responsibility for a global chain of health issues, such as the rampant spread of infectious diseases. 1,298 more words

Environmentalism, Maslow Needs and Civilization’s Power Cycle

“The relationship between society and nature and the need to provide a decent standard of living for every human being under conditions of nonstop population growth present themselves as quandaries defying pat responses.” (Louis Proyect, “The Life, Loves, Wars and Foibles of Edward Abbey,” … 2,390 more words

Millennium Development Goals

19 May 2015 Economic News Wrap (UPDATED)


India exploring investment opportunities in Ethiopia

May 19,2015

Addis Ababa:

A delegation of Indian investors from various sectors came on a three-day visit here during the course of which they met Ethiopian officials to discuss multi-sector projects that would benefit the two countries and strengthen the long standing Ethiopian-Indian diplomatic and socio-economic relations. 5,703 more words

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Civil society priorities at the World Education Forum

By David Archer, Head of Programmes, ActionAid and Board member of Global Campaign for Education. This is the first in a series of blogs leading up to and reacting to the World Education Forum taking place in Incheon Korea 19-22 May. 837 more words

Basic Education

Saving Ethiopian Agriculture from Age-old Rigidities


Published on April 4, 2015

In recommending how to enhance food security through agricultural growth in Ethiopia, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) once said, “successful policy will not only avoid large-scale famines, if and when major production shortfalls occur but will also lead to sustained improvements in food availability, access and nutrition at the national and household levels.” It is a quote that will make us ponder on the issue even more. 1,545 more words

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