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That Infamous Kessel Run

From www.polygon.com – ‘You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?’ Of all the Star Wars directors in the past few years, none have teased as much information about their films than Ron Howard on the set of the untitled Han Solo movie.

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Coding re-writes..

Been a while since my last post, just over a month in fact, wish I had a lot to show for that time but Tilly (the pup) is taking up an inordinate amount of what spare time I do have (as well as a lot of skin from my hands, calfs and ankles lol) 3,421 more words

Model Build

Millennium Falcon 3D Coaster set from ThinkGeek

The team at Think Geek have released this awesome Millennium Falcon 3D coaster set for $19.99.

Each of the six piece set features a different level of the Falcon and when they’re stacked you can to see her in 3d glory. 100 more words

Millennium Falcon

Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon. Pocket Studios (2003) Gameboy Advance

This game is a big fat phoney as there is actually not a lot of the Millennium Falcon in it. But then I guess “Star Wars: Generic Space Combat Game” didn’t have as good a ring to it. 315 more words


Building The Fandom: Star Wars Replica Propmaker Stefan Cembolista Interview

For inSing


The Star Wars franchise has one of the most devoted fan followings of any property. 2,757 more words


RUMOR: 'Han Solo' Spin-off Will Feature a Brand New Millennium Falcon

What are a few things every Star Wars fan thinks of?

The Jedi order? The Clone Wars? Lightsabers, Captain Rex, or The High Ground? Well, yes, those are a few things that come to my mind when someone mentions one of the most successful film series of all time. 319 more words

Hot Wheels RC Millennium Falcon Car Ship

I have a few iterations of remote control Millennium Falcon toys, so i was rather pleased to stumble across this Remote Control version of the Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon “ 408 more words

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