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Let The Wookie Win by Dave Nestler

ACME Archives have released a new print my Dave Nestler called “Let The Wookie Win“. It’s a scene depicting Chewie and Artoo’s Dejarik chess game from A New Hope and it’s very similar to… 154 more words

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Disney Weekends 2015 Millennium Falcon glow cube

I’ve seen a few of these 2015 Disney Weekends glow cubes and i’, not too sure what they are. They’re about 2 inches long and they have an LED inside which “glows” with three different colours. 10 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Millennium Falcon License Plate holder

I’ve seen these for a while on ebay, but i haven’t considered picking one up as the shipping makes it a little prohibitive for a minor item, so i’m going to pass unless i see this in the UK. 9 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

How The Millennium Falcon Fits in to Star Wars

DeAGOSTINI wants you to build the Millennium Falcon.

and to convince you that you really need it, here it is the story line they have compiled. 8 more words


Star Wars Battlefront Q&A w/ DICE


Our favorite opportunity as a gamer is to have our questions answered by someone who actually knows what is going on. In this instance,  79 more words


Someone Built The Coolest Millennium Falcon Ever With 10,000 LEGO Blocks

Star Wars fans are crazy hardcore, and so are serious LEGO hobbyists. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that when the two overlap, you get crazy hardcore squared. 210 more words

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