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Battle of the Brews: Beers on Campus

As some of you may know, our very own Kenyon College was recently named one of the most underrated party schools in the nation. You might scroll through that article and wonder, “What? 604 more words


Beer on the Box - Miller High Life

This ad shows beer being drunk in a sophisticated fashion. And by women too. Can we have some ads like this today, please?

Beer On The Box

This 110-Year-Old Woman Attributes Her Longevity To Miller High Life And Scotch

An Englewood, New Jersey woman, Agnes Fenton, celebrated the incredible milestone of turning 110 years old this past Saturday, making her a supercentenarian, a status only one out of approximately 10 million people can claim. 145 more words


What Beer Will Make You Live Longer?

The entire internet is in an uproar over the newest brew to hit the market, Not Your Father’s Root Beer. But what is the beer that will make you live the longest? 139 more words


Is Miller High Life The Secret To A Long Life?

Time to stop worrying about eating right, exercising, taking fish oil and vitamins to live long, it looks like all you need to do is drink beer. 132 more words


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Princess Constellation by House of Borgezie

Queen B reportedly just dropped a whopping $312,000 on this pair of ankle strap sandals, called the Princess Constellation by the House of Borgezie. 699 more words

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Agnes Fenton, 110, Says She Drinks Three Bottles of Miller High Life and Glass of Whiskey Every Day

New York Daily News — The secret to long life is High Life — or basically just drinking water.

A New Jersey woman who turned 110 on Saturday credits her longevity to two things: believing in God and popping the “champagne of beers” daily. 103 more words