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1/15/17 How Did You Vote?

That’s a purely rhetorical question. I really don’t want to know. Unfortunately, it is far more than rhetorical for others. For others, how I cast my vote is a defining factor on my worth as a human being. 2,350 more words

Happy Thanksgiving, Love Errol Morris

I know everyone else on the planet is going to post today about what they’re thankful for. I’m thankful too. I have more things to be thankful for than I could have possibly even planned for myself. 226 more words


Midterm Project :P

Enjoy guys, and sorry about crappy quality of my webcam.


Image Editing

I will admit the only image editing skills I have are the ones I have used for a few years geared towards making my social media pictures look on point haha. 441 more words


The 5 - Players that RV will waste playing time on in a lost September

When it gets to September the last several years, it is almost certain that our White Sox are just playing out the string.  That doesn’t mean that this time of year can’t be valuable in some way shape or form even if that doesn’t have anything to due with the Win/Loss columns in the 2016 standings.   784 more words

White Sox

Conspiracy Theory: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Let me start by saying, I love that the Sox booted Digiorno and brought in Beggars.  I went to about 35 games last year and had about 70 slices of Beggars.  474 more words