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Millianna Photo

Here’s a crop of a photo of the owners of Millianna, a jewelry house in Spokane for an Inlander story. http://www.inlander.com/spokane/sparkle-and-shine/Content?oid=2615345 41 more words


Gray's Death!? Ultear's Sins - Fairy Tail 334

Fairy Tail 334 bring the death of Gray Fullbuster! Or it seems, while he goes to save both Meredy and Juvia, he gets hit by a laser from one of the smaller creatures, the first goes to his heart, the next obliterates his body, the last is a straight headshot! 806 more words


Laxus vs Raven Tail - The Lumen Histoire - Fairy Tail 168

Fairy Tail 168 continues on to show the battle portions of the day, we notice that Millianna has gotten stronger and also that Rufus’ magic is known to be famous as it uses their memories in order to bring it to life, Rufus uses this advantage in order to defeat Eve. 870 more words

Fairy Tail

Jellal is Found - Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail's Light - Fairy Tail 290

Fairy Tail 290 impresses as Jellal is sent free as Yajima tells everyone that he’s Mystogan from the Edolas World. Kagura notices Jellal at this point, she calms herself to now attack as she finds outs that Fairy Tail have Jellal in their guild. 597 more words


Laxus vs Alexei - Fairy Tail 286

An unexpected Fairy Tail 286 chapter as we witness three fights on the Battle Portion of day three. The first match is between Millianna, from Mermaid Heel, against Semas from Quatro Puppy, Millianna wins this match. 832 more words


Erza vs 100 Monsters - Fairy Tail 284

Fairy Tail continues with Chapter 284. Yukino finds out that someone had busted into the Sabertooth Lodging to fight them, she predicts that it could be Natsu. 613 more words


Fairy Tail chapter 281

Fairy tail latest chapter gives off the Erza x Jellal tease again in its first to third page if I’m not mistaken. Not really a fan of that pairing but seeing the two of them like that made me smile. 350 more words