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The Twister Sisters

Amber spends more time than is probably healthy watching YouTube videos. She especially likes two sets of sisters who do crazy stuff online, such as eating chillis or “Russian Roulette” with unmarked tins of food. 152 more words


A fall at the finish...

So, imagine a nine-year-old girl. Let’s say her name is, er… Sillie.

Sillie has an old mobile phone she uses for music and dancing, a little bit of gaming, and to watch videos. 350 more words


Parents' evening

Parents’ evening was a pain when I was at school: my parents would come out generally pleased, but always, it seemed, with a caveat: Could do better. 320 more words


A story for Millie's birthday

As you may know, last week was Millie’s ninth birthday.  She made me promise to write her a story, just as I do for both girls at Christmas… 5,844 more words


Millie's birthday

Nine years ago today this blog effectively began – it had been running for a few years before, but previously content disappeared off the bottom of my hand-coded HTML pages it was lost forever. 191 more words


Millie at the Royal Festival Hall

Exciting news this morning, as Millie has been chosen to play at the Royal Festival Hall!

No, seriously, she has!

She’s one of six from her recorder class playing in a concert there on the 23rd. 93 more words


S-hard work!

Funny old place, The Shard – I took the girls to visit yesterday (taking advantage of a “Kids Go Free” half-term offer).

Considering this is the tallest building in Europe it’s remarkably hard to find – at least, the entrance is. 620 more words