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Thanks, Bliss!

A little bit more fame for the Carters today as the story of Millie’s birth (13 weeks premature) can now be read on the Bliss website… 132 more words


The Millie Gang

Having seen yesterday’s entry on The Amber Gang, Millie has asked for an entry on her gang members, too. “But,” I asked, “you don’t carry these everywhere you go round the house, do you?” 280 more words


Big school reality

Did you know Tuesday was a big day for Year 6 children (that’s those in the last year of primary school)?

No, neither did I. Well, not until quite recently. 380 more words


Minion Mayhem at the Movies

When you’re ten years old, the time for birthday parties is past.

Well, not quite, but there’s a higher level of sophistication expected by your guests. 447 more words


Everyone's doing it

We’re not sure what it is precisely, but Millie’s class has been struck by the Cup-crackin’ Bexley Beatbox Craze.

Bonny brought it in, everyone else saw it and before you could say… 27 more words


Happy birthday, Millie

Congratulations, Millie, you’re now 3,650 days old, give or take – a full decade!

Of course, you should only be 3,560 days old – a fact I’ll no doubt be reminding you of when I’m on my deathbed.  86 more words


Scooter Face

This is what your face and thumb look like if you come off your scooter at high speed. :-(

I came in from work around 8pm last night, as usual, and gave Millie a kiss good night. 77 more words