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Happy Fester E'en!

First comes Candlemas,                                                              

Syne the New Mune.

The first Tyseday efter that

Is aye Fester E’en.

This old poem reminds us of another traditional Scottish holiday which has been ‘lost’ with the passage of time. 473 more words

Buried Treasure

Who doesn’t love a tale of buried treasure?

This week Carnoustie residents have been enjoying a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the site of the Late Bronze Age settlement recently discovered in the town. 488 more words

S**t the bed - My CNC has a new bed

I’m loving my cnc adventure, but I was really struggling with the stock bed – not only did it flex but each time I stuck something down I ended up peeling away some MDF. 347 more words


Produktentwicklung bei KUHN RIKON mit Creo, KeyShot und Windchill

Innovative Produktentwicklung bei KUHN RIKON

Die Kuhn Rikon AG ist ein Familienunternehmen, das seinen Hauptsitz in Rikon in der der Schweiz hat. Kuhn Rikon entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt qualitativ hochwertiges Kochgeschirr und Zubehör, welches gesundes und effizientes Kochen ermöglicht. 209 more words

The Unbreakable Malt Mill That Was Simply Too Successful

If you’ve ever been on a distillery tour, chances are that the milling room wasn’t exactly the highlight of your trip. Sure, looking at the boxes with husks, grit and flour can be fun, but unless the machinery is running, there really isn’t all that much to see. 867 more words


Milling - Lets gett accurate Datum...

Right, this post is technical. If you don’t know what a datum is it’s time for some education.

My understanding of a datum is a point which is referred to, now when that comes to milling it could be the corner of stock, it could be a hole within your model. 264 more words


Vel's Milling & Evolve Deck Lists

Ever been interested in Hearthstone but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you love the game and are looking to get a leg up. Here are two great Decks by our very own Vel and his YouTube video showing how they work! 100 more words