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Sculptural Renovation within Cambridge Designed with Custom Milling

The particular artistic surf in this sculptural One Major Office remodelling were created by dECOi Designers, with every piece completely customized to become elegant plus functional. 16 more words

A Long Way Down...

Another community workshop, and another chance to observe how people react to Barry Mill! This time the session was aimed at families, and the challenge was to collaborate on a poem or short story inspired by the five senses, although colour and memory could just about be allowed to sneak in there as a means to an end. 284 more words


You know I am a tree hugger, right? Well, not really a tree hugger (unless the tree really needs to be hugged), more of a tree lover. 460 more words


Industrial Information - High Speed Milling Machines

Industrial Data – High Speed Milling Machines

High speed machining is a established stipulation characterized by low cutting forces and high metal removal. High Speed Milling is a method used in the CNC Milling Business that combines high spindle speeds with improved feed prices. 594 more words

Finella and Bella: a tale of two women

Recently I was asked to deliver a workshop at a local event on the topic of myth. Myth, folklore…it’s all grist to the writing mill! I chose for my theme a little known gem of a story from St Cyrus; the story of Finella, who killed a Scottish king. 337 more words

Making a Billet Fork Brace

Here’s a short video of the machining of a fork brace for the Guzzi Café Racer project. After it was taken away for a test fit on the bike, as expected it’ll be returning for a little more work to make it match the style of the Guzzi front end better..

Walking with rabbits and butterflies...

Week two of my residency, and a few thoughts about my first community event: The Weir-d Walk. It was to be a long and winding road- literally! 597 more words