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Nose to the grind

Hands up who recognises this little chap?! Yes, for those of us the wrong side of 40, he’s the unmistakeable Windy Miller, the loveable Miller from the 1970’s kids TV series Camberwick Green. 652 more words

Finally done!

yeah dan akhirnya selesai jugaa! Setelah beberapa malam berpelukan dengan cnc engraver wkwk

Dan tidak terasa generasi para asisten lab ini telah di regenerasi lagi. 255 more words



In the analysis of dynamic systems, we use the term bifurcation to indicate

a dramatic change in the system state, or behavior.

I study milling dynamics, where a bifurcation causes a change from stable to unstable machining conditions. 143 more words


The Fuss About Processed Foods

When you hear the word “PROCESSED,” what jumps to your mind?

Do you think all processed foods are created equal and therefore, equally bad? What does processed even mean? 858 more words


Rehabbing an Historic Tool from Champion Blower and Forge Co.

Here’s a tale that warms our hearts. is helping out the local living-history museum by rehabbing a historic woodworking tool that they want to add to their live demo woodshop. 201 more words

Tool Hacks

60 Minutes: Why Apple Products Are Made in China- Tech Insider

Written By Tim Stenovec

The vast majority of Apple products are made in China. But why?

Because labor there is cheaper than in most other countries — or so the common logic goes. 276 more words