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Here & Healing

I ve gone back and forth over whether to write this a million times. I m extremely paranoid about everything I do, especially on the internet, because I often find myself humiliated. 72 more words

Who Is Crawling On Whom?!

The average home has over two million dust mites feeding on dead skin scales and…

New meets Old x A $27 Million Surrey Mansion

The architecture of England is often characterized by historic buildings. Newer objects are rather dominated by a minimalist style and are located mainly in large cities such as London. 78 more words


Suge Knight 25 Million Dollar Bail?

anybody who knows  about Suge Knight

or was a  fan of  Death Row  Records the record company

that  Knight Co founded with  Dr Dre amongest others… 107 more words


Take A Look At The Newport Marriott's $35 Million Renovations

The Newport Marriott is really stepping up their game here with this $35 million face lift. The majority of the hotel received renovations over the winter, giving it a completely new look. 89 more words

Local News

America's Longest-Serving Innocent Prisoner Receives $1 Million For 39 Years In Jail

An Ohio man who spent 39 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit will receive more than $1 million in compensation from the state of Ohio for his wrongful imprisonment, states The Telegraph. 197 more words


#CityShow Suge Knight Bail set at 25 Million Dollars!!!! Suge collapses when he hears the judge set bail & has to be rushed to hospital!!!

10:15 AM PT — Suge collapsed after the hearing, an ambulance came and they are taking him to the hospital. Certainly better than a 20 X 8 cell. 74 more words

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