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My ways and by-ways - Colne Valley Mills in pictures- Crowther Bruce's, Marsden

This is part of the imposing structure which was known as New Mills. Continuing my jaunt around some of the Colne Valley’s old mill buildings with my camera, I have come back to Marsden, the last village in West Yorkshire’s Colne Valley, which grazes the Lancashire border. 554 more words

Happy Fester E'en!

First comes Candlemas,                                                              

Syne the New Mune.

The first Tyseday efter that

Is aye Fester E’en.

This old poem reminds us of another traditional Scottish holiday which has been ‘lost’ with the passage of time. 473 more words

Preston Mill

Preston Mill ist eine ehemalige Wassermühle in der schottischen Ortschaft Preston in der Council Area East Lothian. 1971 wurden die Gebäude in die schottischen Denkmallisten in der höchsten Kategorie A aufgenommen. 291 more words

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Delisle Road BDD Chawls

This is the first in an occasional series on Bombay/Mumbai, where I am spending 2017 conducting fieldwork as part of a PhD in linguistic anthropology. I am specifically interested in language, identity and urban change in the former cotton mill districts of the city. 1,307 more words


Buried Treasure

Who doesn’t love a tale of buried treasure?

This week Carnoustie residents have been enjoying a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the site of the Late Bronze Age settlement recently discovered in the town. 488 more words

Other rivers, other bridges: folk rhymes from the Dighty

If I say ‘Dundee river poetry’ to you, what do you think of? The silvery death-bridge o the Tay and its legion of storm fiends? But without the smaller burns and rivers which run through Dundee itself, there would have been none of the small mills and bleachfields which then became the huge industrial operations of the 19th century – textile mills that were fed by the ships of empire coming into the mouth of the Tay. 1,025 more words

19th Century

Snacktaku Eats Girl Scout Cookie Cereals

(Source: kotaku.com)

As if monsters and superheroes weren’t enough, General Mills is now recruiting members of America’s finest cookie-selling force into his nigh-unstoppable breakfast army. 392 more words