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What is sociology?

The first question most people ask me when I tell them that I’m doing a PhD in sociology is ‘yeah, but what is sociology?’ or worse ‘so that’s like psych right? 604 more words


The Making of the North: 6 New Uses for Magnificent Mills

Across the north of England, buildings that formerly defined the landscape are now lying vacant and under threat. 48% of Greater Manchester’s historic textile mills have been destroyed since the 1980s – but these buildings could be so much more. 1,085 more words


Lutherans in Exile, Y'all

In 1731, in the city of Salzburg, Austria, an Edict of Expulsion was issued.  Count Leopold von Firmian, a Roman Catholic archbishop and also the prince of Salzburg, declared that all citizens of that city must become Roman Catholics, and if they chose not to do so, they must leave.  638 more words

Textile Mills

I’m sure there is quite a bit of information on the textile mills in Columba. I just haven’t found it yet. So far it’s a few snippets here and a bit there and usually the same thing. 512 more words


The Melder-Sifter and the Big Bad Wolf

In a (slightly belated) celebration of International Women’s Day, here is an obscure little folk tale which you may recognise! It involves a young girl, a big bad wolf and, of course, a mill. 404 more words

Books, rhubarb, shoddy #InternationalArtistsBookFair

Shoddy had a great time at the 20th International Contemporary Artists Book Fair at the Tetley in Leeds last weekend. You can see the list of exhibitors here: … 437 more words

Disabled People

The City of Spindles

Sometimes when you live near history, you take it for granted. I was reminded of that during February vacation when I took the kids to the… 365 more words