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Milly Reynolds Crime Fiction Author - Happy Saint George's Day


English crime fiction author, Milly Reynolds celebrates England’s national day, which, rather conveniently also happens to be Shakespeare’s birthday.
Milly’s books simply could not be more English! 39 more words


A Bram Stoker Doodle-inspired day. You can get inspiration from almost anything.

We all have little idiosyncrasies, don’t we? I’ll tell you one of mine in just a minute.

The weather took a nice shift towards fall today. 710 more words


Milly's Website Ready!

Milly Reynolds’ website is ready.
Take a look here if you wish:

Digital Art

Number 74!!

Wow! I have just spotted that the second book in the Mike Malone series, ‘Happy Deathday to You’ is number 74 in the top 100 British Detective list on Amazon. 13 more words


'Kissing The Devil' (working title) The New Book Coming Soon!

The latest book in the Mike Malone Mystery series, ‘Kissing The Devil’ (working title) will be out in the New Year.
What follows is a taster… 251 more words


Milly Reynolds new book! Great read... so far!

Well, Milly, what can I say? Where on earth do yo find the time? This Jack Sallt character – I like him! A bit of a loveable rogue, I fancy. 10 more words


A New Book by Milly Reynolds!

There is a new book out by Milly Reynolds. I helped design the cover for kindle.
This is a bit of a departure for Milly, who has hitherto developed the character of Mike Malone, the quirky English detective with an odd past, who struggles to come to terms with life in rural Lincolnshire – a far more dangerous place than he envisaged! 100 more words