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A Very Special Birthday

A Happy Happy Birthday to my dear daughter, Vanessa! This is one of the milestone birthdays as she was born 23 April 1967. Vanessa, much love and many hugs and kisses are sent from me, YFM, to you, MFD.

Lake Rewind: April 21, 2017

Today we had Mayor Villere in the studios with his Mayor for a Day Braden. We talked about everything going on in Mandeville and let Braden select our Sweet Soiree winner. 251 more words

Barbara Collins (1836 - 1921)

Barbara Collins was born on 15 February 1836 in Waterloo County, Ontario. She was the daughter of William Collins and Jean Anderson who had immigrated from Scotland some years before. 40 more words

Francis Alexander "Frank" Wheelihan

Frank Wheelihan (1943 – 2017)  died at Norfolk General Hospital, Simcoe on Friday, March 17, 2017, one day before his 74th birthday. Frank was the beloved husband of Noreen Whyte. 53 more words

Turnbull appointee to ABC chair turns out to be turncoat.

Malcolm Turnbull has to go and the sooner the better. This looney lefty has betrayed Conservatives again and appointed one of his progressive mates to be the new Chairman of the ABC. 338 more words

Aus Politics

Hoskins on Elizabeth Taylor (1851-1932)

Text derived from Beattie/Fowlie Family Tree: notes compiled by Jean Hoskins (1923-2003)* as completed to 1989, entry “1.Ak.a.”

 Elizabeth Taylor had a son by her 1st cousin (1.Ag.2), William Milne, but her mother Jessie Pratt wouldn’t let her marry him, so she raised William Milne Jr. 507 more words