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Hoskins on Elizabeth Taylor (1851-1932)

Text derived from Beattie/Fowlie Family Tree: notes compiled by Jean Hoskins (1923-2003)* as completed to 1989, entry “1.Ak.a.”

 Elizabeth Taylor had a son by her 1st cousin (1.Ag.2), William Milne, but her mother Jessie Pratt wouldn’t let her marry him, so she raised William Milne Jr. 507 more words


Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas to family and friends near and far! Today I’m sharing an old grainy photo taken on 25 December 1962. That was the year that  41 more words

"Family History"

Six Generations

Thank you to John Ten Have for compiling this six generation chart for us. He has added William John Milne IV.

The eldest William (1850 – 1932) did not have a middle name. 52 more words

Nothing, or a Useful Pot?

Hariod Brawn has asked me to write my take on “nothing happening” and “nothingness”. So it is my every privilege to respond with something on nothing. 384 more words