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3 livros do desenhador erótico Milo Manara. 2 de capa dura. Um deles é uma antologia. 10 eur

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Much Ado About Batgirl

Originally posted at WilliamBruceWest.com

So, usually I’d just let this kind of thing go, or just drop a casual mention of it in West Week Ever, but I was inspired to say more about this particular thing. 1,107 more words


The Sexual Anarchy of Milo Manara's Click! Vol. 1

Milo Manara is someone whose place in comics has become increasingly under attack, ever since he had the temerity to draw Spider-woman’s butt.  Suddenly interviews of his were being google translated to an outraged internet, and people were demanding the removal of the offensive art from the cover of their hallowed Marvel superhero comics. 1,639 more words

Milo Manara

Ask Morgana 097: Milo Manara

Maurilio Manara (1945-) is an Italian comic-book illustrator – well, isn’t just about everyone who produces erotic material a ‘comic-book illustrator’ these days? Manara’s women are leggy and full-mouthed, stereotypically curved, quasi-American but wholly European. 236 more words


Exercise: The history of illustration - Edward Bawden VS Milo Manara

It has been very interesting to research about the authors proposed in the first exercise.
Edward Bawden’s style caught my eyes immediately, that is why I choose his works. 812 more words


Marco Acquistapace e #JesuisCharlie

Sono poco incline al “necrologio” pubblico e alle così palesi e lampanti esternazioni di cordoglio, tuttavia, ciò che è successo a Parigi mi ha davvero turbato e lasciato perplesso. 288 more words