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Frank Cho continues to poke fun at the SJW crowd

You just got to love Frank Cho!  He has done a bunch of similar covers for comic book characters, this would the first one he did for a video game character. 197 more words


Caravaggio Vol 1: The Palette and the Sword (Dark Horse)

If you’re an English-speaking comics fan, the chances are, if you have heard of Milo Manara before, it’s most likely in connection with a certain… 1,107 more words


Dear SJW's, Please Leave Frank Cho And Milo Manara Alone

Frank Cho is under attack again by SJW’s and other types of professionally offended people. He took the time to share a gift from Milo Manara… 1,110 more words

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The "pink haired brigade" loses their shit at Milo and Frank

I love how Frank Cho and Milo Manara gives absolutely zero fucks on how many pink haired Social Justice warriors they piss off with their artwork. 367 more words



Não são poucas as pessoas que conhecem o ilustrador italiano Milo Manara. Nas minhas pesquisas por artes e referências, lembrei desse cara que um professor de filosofia, ex-padre já tinha mencionado pra mim. 97 more words

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