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Song No. 113 — Não Emplaca 61 | Ari Monteiro & Monsueto Menezes (1960)

Não Emplaca 61 was introduced in 1960 by Miltinho and the Escola de Samba de Monsueto as the opening track on his album O Diploma do Astro – Miltinho com Escolas de Samba… 330 more words


Song No. 105 — Só Vou de Balanço | João Roberto Kelly (1963)

Só Vou de Balanço was introduced in September 1963 on TV in the highly popular “Times Square Show”. The Broadway inspired evening show basically consisted of a sequence of humorous scenes and showcased numerous of João Roberto Kelly’s songs. 803 more words


Song No. 96 — Teleco-Teco No 2 | Nelsinho & Oldemar Magalhães (1960)

The swinging Teleco-Teco No 2 was introduced in April 1960 by Nora Ney as B-Side to Você Nasceu Para o Mal. Shortly after, Elza Soares released her version, arranged and conducted by Osvaldo Borba, as the third single supporting her highly successful debut album… 1,874 more words