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From golden age to age of austerity

Trump’s trade war with China and Brexit poses major challenges to globalised capital, argues Yassamine Mather.

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Economic Principles - Minimum Wage:

“Unfortunately, the real minimum wage is always zero, regardless of the laws, and that is the wage that many workers receive in the wake of the creation or escalation of a government-mandated minimum wage, because they lose their jobs or fail to find jobs when they enter the labor force.

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002-2019 The Great Economists

Book Title: The Great Economists – How their ideas can help us today

Author: Linda Yueh

The book may be about economics, but fret not, because the book is not written in the format in which you would publish your thesis for your Masters or Doctoral. 512 more words

Some notes on Mäki's realism

I spent the past few weeks re-reading Mäki and seeking the connections with the structural realist frameworks. It was a very interesting experience.

I followed some works by Anjan Chakravartty ( 551 more words


Quote of the day

A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both – … 11 more words