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Milton Friedman's Answer to Welfare Reform

It is quite evident that the welfare programs in the United States are beyond broken. So much that many of these bloated and red-tape draped initiatives are seem unsalvageable, irredeemable, and impossible to adequately reform! 2,177 more words


Actuality Journal; Politics Conclusion

[1] I have only one moment. But reading F. H. Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” I must add this bit to my previous journal entry. In entry “Political Treatise” I deduced  extra governmentation is caused by lack of self government; and this is caused by our lack of reason.  689 more words


How Friedman's F53 fits into his oeuvre

This is a difficult question as the answer requires one to properly understand Friedman’s stance in F53 (what he thought about methodology) and to reconstruct the actual methodology underlying his applied economics (what kind of methodology he actually followed). 771 more words


Making Markets Moral

‘Modern capitalism has the potential to lift us all to unprecedented prosperity, but it is morally bankrupt and on track for tragedy.’

Paul Collier, The Future of Capitalism…

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