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John Robson: Britain's government failed to prevent the Grenfell Tower fire, yet thinks 'more government' is the solution

The appalling Grenfell Tower fire in London and unsafe conditions in similar housing developments across Britain has led to demands for punishment of responsible parties from appliance manufacturers to builders. 821 more words

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The Smokey the Bear Effect: What Forests, Housing, and Healthcare have in common.

According to Thomas Swetnam at the University of Arizona, every time there is a forest fire, it leaves a scar in the rings of surviving trees. 709 more words


Saturday Matinee - Milton Friedman, The Knitts & The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

I don’t like the title of this YouTube video at all because mocking young naïve idealistic Marxists is not a good way to explain basic economic principles and move them toward a rational frame of thought. 86 more words


A2 Economics – Wage Price Spiral and the Long Run Phillips Curve

Part of the CIE A2 macro syllabus focuses on the wage price spiral which relates to the Phillips Curve. Here are some excellent notes that I picked up from Russell Tillson in my early days teaching at Epsom College. 435 more words


Why Experts Get The Gold Standard Wrong

Many mainstream economists, perhaps a majority of those who have an opinion, are opposed to tying a central bank’s hands with any explicit monetary rule. A clear majority oppose the gold standard, at least according to an often-cited… 98 more words

On the Lookout for Causality along the Distinction between Entity Realism and Structural Realism

The question of fundamental importance is whether a real causal structure can really be discovered by omitting the real properties of the entities standing in relations… 384 more words