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Milwaukee police need help to ID 2 vehicles involved in shooting near 4th and State

MILWAUKEE — Police are asking the public for help in identifying two vehicles and their occupants from a shooting near 4th and State in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday, September 7th. 116 more words


"4 loud explosions:" Window washer shot outside Milwaukee Journal Sentinel building

MILWAUKEE — A 30-year-old window washer was shot and wounded while working outside the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel building in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday, September 7th. 246 more words


This is the most important decision to be decided by the Supreme Court justices since the “voting rights” and the “Citizens’ United” cases. Let’s hope the justices get this one right. 1,009 more words


Segregation’s High Cost

“Housing policy is school policy.” That lesson has stuck with me over the years.

In 2001, I was one of the organizers of a land-use  conference — “Nolen in the New Century,” named for pioneer city designer John Nolen — that brought David Rusk to Madison. 430 more words


Desensitized To Hate?

This image just makes me cringe. Why would someone be proud to have someone hate them?

Is this is where we are now? Let’s poke the other guy with a stick and say “It’s not that my views are better, but wait, THEY ARE BETTER because they cause you to hate me?” 602 more words

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