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Episode 55: See You Later, Tater?

Latest twist in a twist of many

MILWAUKEE, December 4 – In a radical move at the WLKE-TV3 headquarters this afternoon, Honus Knox III hinted… 322 more words

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Episode 54: Over Exposure

Vic Shell’s never met a camera he didn’t like

MILWAUKEE, December 1 – Former Milwaukee Talk jaw-flapper Vic Shell was arrested this morning and convicted in the afternoon for theft under $500. 268 more words

Milwaukee WI

Episode 53: Aunt Mary's Great Tryptophan

Holiday backfill intern first helps, then blames a turkey

MILWAUKEE, November 30 – Call it what you will but after a year of soul searching, it seems as though WLKE-TV3’s… 449 more words

Milwaukee WI

Episode 52: Elliot Tapped to Talk?

MILWAUKEE, November 12 – The hallowed halls of WLKE-TV3 were sweating Wednesday morning after executive producer Tater Beutler shocked the Milwaukee Talk “11:01 meeting” when she pitched Mary Margaret’s four year-old son, Elliot, as the one to take over co-hosting duties from Mary when she begins her maternity leave in 3 months. 748 more words

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Episode 51: Tater to be Schooled by Hard Knox?

MILWAUKEE, November 3 – On Friday, WLKE-TV3 station owner Honus Knox III introduced Milwaukee Talk executive producer Tater Beutler to former longtime breeze shooter Vic Shell at the 11:01 meeting to explore the possibility of bringing Mr. 424 more words

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Episode 50: Shell Stops Selling Shells by the Shore

“I may be off the sauce but this is one helluva hangover”

– Vic Shell, former owner of Milwaukee Talko

MILWAUKEE, October 23 – How long would it take you to go through 1.2 million dollars?  685 more words

Milwaukee WI

Episode 49: Love Isn't

“She’s a real diva” says slighted singer

MILWAUKEE, September 22 – Vic Shell promised his “Milwaukee Talko” restaurant would be much more than a “six-star restaurant” and last night he showed Milwaukee just what he had in mind. 457 more words

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