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Episode 9: From Crap to Chat in Five Days Flat

Executive producer Allen Kew’s stomach has always been a barometer of how his 10AM morning show, Milwaukee Talk, is performing.

“When Allen tells me his stomach hurts, I know our show isn’t doing well,” long running co-host Mary Margaret reveals. 615 more words

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Episode 8: From Hard News to Hardly News

Not only was Vic Shell’s personal life up in smoke, so too was the hard news format he and Margaret had carefully honed over the previous 400 plus shows.   442 more words

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Episode 7: Angel Takes Flight

“No really, I’m OK…  the hurt, the pain, the tears, the wailing… it’s how I know I’m still alive.”

-Vic Shell, co-host of Milwaukee Talk… 690 more words

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Episode 6: Guardian Angel

Vic Shell was officially back as Milwaukee’s man about town, and not just bar-toweling in gin joints that smelled like stale beer as he hustled pool for Jackson’s either.   740 more words

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Episode 5: Angel Wins!

Vic, Mary and even Allen Kew had their own favorites to win the Milwaukee Mentor contest.   Mary was partial to her original find, Raymond, the squeegee kid on Locust Street.   556 more words

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Episode 4: Milwaukee Mentor

When people think of The Chat Pack they think of the big, sold-out casino shows and their number one rated talk show, Milwaukee Talk.  What most people don’t remember is that they weren’t a big smash hit out of the gates.   486 more words

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Episode 3: Talk Tanks

It’s funny when you think that the now-popular and oft-boasted statement around Milwaukee is “I remember watching Vic and Mary’s first episode on Milwaukee Talk… 555 more words

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