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News Articles on Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex

Name of Hospital: Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex

Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “Audit: Milwaukee emergency psychiatric care needs overhaul,” December 2014: A state audit found that the county Mental Health Complex needs serious restructuring, as “patients are unnecessarily restricted — detained by police in handcuffs — and could more appropriately be treated in local clinics or hospitals.”
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Episode 63: Something Old, Something New

Meet the new co-hosts of daytime TV’s longest running show

MILWAUKEE, December 31 – It’s hard to believe but it’s been 15 years to the day since WLKE-TV3 unleashed it’s last full-time co-hosting team on Milwaukee’s longest-running TV show, … 469 more words

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Episode 62: Aunt Mary's Great Trip

Show re-jiggles format as a year’s worth of shows are shot

MILWAUKEE, December 28 – We at The American Log hope you’re having a great holiday but we know one thing for sure; yours isn’t as good as that of Milwaukee TV star, Mary Margaret. 336 more words

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Episode 61: All Talk, No Action

Commemorating the state of MTalk Nation

MILWAUKEE, December 24 – On this morning’s Milwaukee Talk program, WLKE-TV3 station owner and manager Honus Knox III was the final guest and delivered some concerning news to the last host standing, Mary Margaret. 934 more words

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Episode 60: Home Invasion

I got home that night and had a weird feeling that there was someone in the house.  Odd, I live alone.

I opened the door.  The small outdoor porch light provided enough light inside that I could make out Mary Margaret in my kitchen cracking eggs in a bowl. 435 more words

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Episode 59: Shell Game

MILWAUKEE, December 22 – Last night there were laughs and tears at the remodeled Klemmer’s Banquet Center in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, this year’s gracious host of the 2014 edition of the… 676 more words

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Episode 58: Milwaukee Rock Bottom

Despite the curiosity of the scribes, no one had seen Victor for weeks and rumors abounded as to his whereabouts.

I contacted Allen and he told me I could find him at the Community Mission on Locust Street.   287 more words

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