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Episode 25: Chat Packs It In

DON’T WORRY: Our story doesn’t end here.

“It is merely the end of the beginning of the end,” Vic Shell  cryptically explained to the… 404 more words

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Episode 24: The Truth

Once the police closed their investigation regarding the fateful morning I lost my legs, I sent out a text to The Chat Pack during the show. 439 more words

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Episode 23: Manhattan Talk

On Monday we told you about the questionable antics of co-host Mary Margaret.   On Tuesday we told you about the drunken debacle of Tremaine and Shell.   58 more words

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Episode 22: Les and Less

Sure, The Chat Pack had more than their fair share of outrageous acts over the years, and so their popularity was in no way affected when Mary Margaret stormed the stage to accept an award that wasn’t hers.   600 more words

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Episode 21: Art Beck's Just Awards

It’s a story as old as the hills.   A rise to fame and fortune, followed by a hasty fall from grace.  The story of The Chat Pack… 467 more words

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Summerfest 1985

Our summer trip, going back home,
this is where you and i
made it possible.
we will take our daughter to see peter gabriel.

Let’s talk along the lakeshore. 37 more words


Episode 20: Shell Butts Out

This was The Chat Pack at their finest of hours.

“It always makes my job easier when one of the show’s stars acquiesces  for the other,” Allen Kew concedes.   449 more words

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