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A 2-minute silence was observed at the NSC booth yesterday evening, as well as at the press dinner organised by Oerlikon, in honour of the victims of the terrible attacks in Paris. 1,176 more words

2015/09/02 Morning

I did some walking this morning.I went 7:30-8:00 for a walk.I havent walked for six moths.You,know,what you do daily is not walking.You have to do it outside.I did alot of inside walking,i did so much my ankle got hurt.So i stoppedwalking so much inside.Now my ankle is okay.It took 2 week to get better.I did this morning a lot of writing.I did 3 pages,just words,in Finnish.So i feel comfortable to write in English on the computer.I do not remember what i wrote in Finnish.It is all important.I just want to know myself better.It has been a struggle for me.I knew i had to write it out,before i was going to be better.Now i have found some staff about me.I wont tell you yet i want to be sure this time.I have to write it out ,then tell it to my psychologist and then to tel it to the doctor.I has been very hard for me to set up time to be by myself.Ok ,you get to know yourself only with people.You have to put your ass on the line,before you can know yourself.You can write all you want,but it is no use if you dont mingle with people.I know it is fun to be on your own,you are such great person to be with.And you know being with machines is not the best thing in life,as you have imagined it so.I just want to know myself that i will be able to work with my machines,my tools.My computer,tampo,screen printing machine,copymacine and sticker making machine ,that my favourrite and it is called Mimaki.http://mimakiusa.com