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Mimetic Resonance

If we desire through the desires of other people, do we have any freedom in our desires, or are our desires determined by the desires of others? 816 more words

Mimetic Desire

Possessed by God

The First Epistle of John overflows with declarations of God’s preemptive love: “not that we loved God but that God loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins” (1 Jn. 651 more words


Longing for God's Desire

In one way or another, human desire has always indicated that something is lacking. My stomach is empty so I desire to fill it with food. 636 more words


Eating the Being of Jesus

The Holy Eucharist has been accused of being a cannibalistic rite. René Girard would accept the accusation. In a snippet from an unpublished interview, he suggests that the Eucharist recapitulates the entire history of sacrifice and its violence and that history includes cannibalism. 519 more words


A Midsummer Night's Mimetic Desire

René Girard devotes six chapters to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in A Theater of Envy, his book on William Shakespeare (for references I use the edition of St. 4,937 more words

René Girard

A Highway to Seeing the Glory of the Lord

After her humiliating defeat by Babylon, Israel was broken. The movers and shakers who had kept the society going were taken to Babylon where they couldn’t move or shake any more. 489 more words

René Girard

It's All in the Rivalry

Why are comics obsessed
with RIVALRY? Its difficult to imagine Batman without the Joker, Thor without Loki, X without Magneto. Without these iconic clashes, superhero comics would probably disappear — so many of their story arcs are driven by what literary theorist  552 more words

Rene Girard