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How School Set You Up For Failure

School, school, school… Where to begin?

Ah, ha! Pre-School.

One of the first subjects taught to students in school is how to pair items. One thing goes with this, and nothing else. 312 more words


Modern Mimetic Society

Only a months ago I found myself reluctant to pull a water bottle out of my bag in class due to the fact that my water bottle was shaped differently than everyone else’s water bottle. 318 more words


The Death and Resurrection of Desire: A Girardian Reading of Walker Percy's "The Moviegoer"

Binx Bolling’s conversion to Christianity in Walker Percy’s first novel,  The Moviegoer, has been seen by some critics as a poorly conceived, and poorly executed, conclusion to the story. 2,837 more words


Truth, Goodness, Beauty

I’m wondering… When was the last time you’ve measured the hertz of the joy you felt while gaining a new insight?

I’m wondering… Have you recently written down the mass density of your deepest friendships or the miles of your biggest loves? 987 more words

René Girard

Sermon manuscript (more or less accurate)

Pentecost 13 or something C
28 August 2016
Luke 14: 1-14ish

In John’s Gospel
Jesus defines himself as the True and Living Way
Or as our translations usually state it: 1,298 more words

Invitations to Explorations (COV&R 2016)

The annual and 26th conference of the Colloquium on Violence & Religion (COV&R) coincided with the 6th annual conference of the Australian Girard Seminar. It was the first meeting of its kind after the passing of René Girard (December 25, 1923 – November 4, 2015), whose groundbreaking interdisciplinary work and eventually developed mimetic theory is further explored by an ever growing number of scholars on these occasions. 4,635 more words

René Girard

A poem/prayer for the descendants of Cain

My heart is heavy with grief this morning. So much fear and hatred. So much violence. From this grief I wrote this poem/prayer:

A poem and prayer for the descendants of Cain: 100 more words