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Zombies, Imitation and Apocalypse, and the Resurrection

I have had zombies on the brain recently.

I am teaching a philosophy of zombies class this summer at a local college, and I have really enjoyed planning the class. 2,547 more words

Politics And Love

Review: Scapegoats, sacrifice and non-violence

Frenchman René Girard, who died in 2015, is best known for his ‘mimetic theory’. This holds that people copy one another in desiring things, which leads to conflict. 2,197 more words

Book Review

Interpreting Violence

Hardin, Michael. Mimetic Theory and Biblical Interpretation: Reclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. Cascade Books, 2017.

Rene Girard, a French thinker who wrote most of his important works in the 1970s and early 80s, has become an important guide to issues of violence and religion, whether that takes the form of religion-inspired violence, the violence of God in the text of the Bible, or interpretations of atonement and afterlife that emphasize the wrath of God. 947 more words


Where There are No Foxes

“…and he judged Israel…twenty years…”

Decades two of retaliatory rage ripping

Clans and seeping blood-drenched, bone

Crunching thousands in divine blessing

(or propaganda propping) his reign dealt… 36 more words


Reading the Fathers: Gregory of Nyssa's 'Life of Moses', Part One

If Rene Girard was right about mimetic desire being an observable anthropological truth and not just a hermeneutic tool then we should find it everywhere. The Holy Fathers and saints of the church should have already understood it, if perhaps only in an  766 more words

Mimetic Theory

Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

When Isis began to use trucks and vans as weapons of terrorism in Europe – in Nice, London and in other places – I set my internal watch to see how long it would take for anti-Islam activists to do the same. 916 more words

Mimetic Theory

Girard, Community, and Scapegoating: Practical Applications in Mimetic Theory and MeowMeowBeanz

Among the anthropological philosopher Rene Girard’s greatest work, arguably, is his study of mimetic theory and scapegoating among humans. According to Girard, and attested throughout history, humans are a naturally violent species. 1,376 more words