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What is the best scene in the Gospel?

In an interview with Stephen Berry, René Girard noted that

one of the greatest scenes in the Gospel in

from the literature, the denial is by Peter. 554 more words

René Girard

Reading the Fathers: Gregory of Nyssa's 'Life of Moses', Part One

If Rene Girard was right about mimetic desire being an observable anthropological truth and not just a hermeneutic tool then we should find it everywhere. The Holy Fathers and saints of the church should have already understood it, if perhaps only in an  766 more words

Mimetic Theory

Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

When Isis began to use trucks and vans as weapons of terrorism in Europe – in Nice, London and in other places – I set my internal watch to see how long it would take for anti-Islam activists to do the same. 916 more words

Mimetic Theory

Girard, Community, and Scapegoating: Practical Applications in Mimetic Theory and MeowMeowBeanz

Among the anthropological philosopher Rene Girard’s greatest work, arguably, is his study of mimetic theory and scapegoating among humans. According to Girard, and attested throughout history, humans are a naturally violent species. 1,376 more words


The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell vs René Girard)

Joseph Campbell, a well-known scholar in the field of comparative mythology, became quite famous when his works inspired film director George Lucas to create the Star Wars saga (click here for more on this) 2,153 more words

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Patrick Perquy interviews René Girard

The following interview with René Girard by Patrick Perquy was last broadcast on Belgian national television April 23, 2000 (Braambos). The interview was recorded on the occasion of an honorary doctorate from the University of Antwerp for Girard in 1995. 31 more words

René Girard

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My working hermeneutic is simply that I try and run everything through the cross of Christ. This cruciform hermeneutic is informed by Tradition, the Scriptures, the Historical Jesus studies, and Experience (a modified Wesleyan Quadrilateral adopted from Michael Hardin). 314 more words