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Faērie and conversion through Wonder

When I was in first and second grade, I hated reading.  I found learning frustrating, and I struggled through the mundane morality tales I was given for homework.   1,039 more words

Tolkien and Girard on desire

As I’ve delved more and more deeply into the work of René Girard and J. R. R. Tolkien, I’ve become aware that they really have very similar understandings of human nature.   1,056 more words

Review: Desire Found Me by Andre Rabe

You can’t get very far in progressive Christian circles without hearing someone talk about Rene Girard at some point. He’s provided a lot of inspiration for many pastors and theologians today with his work in mimetic theory. 215 more words



In 2010, the media brought attention to the suicide of Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor, Kevin Morrissey. At 11:30 the morning of Friday, July 30th, Kevin made a call to the Charlottesville police station to report a shooting at the former C&O coaling tower. 6,015 more words

It's not bullying. It's scapegoating! Trainer's Manual


Violence, overt and covert, is a disease infecting workplaces. A commonly proposed solution is to sort out “bullies” and their victims. Not all instances of workplace abuse, however, can be categorized as simple bullying. 1,748 more words

If enthusiasm could substitute for intellect...*

*we could call this a book review…

In July last year I googled a word I didn’t understand, which isn’t something you expect to change your life. 1,449 more words


Who Completes Who?

What makes Christopher Nolans’ film The Black Knight so compelling? Critics agree: Nolan strikes a deep chord with his portrayal of the rivalrous bond between the Batman and his arch nemesis, the Joker.   483 more words

Rene Girard