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errors and incomplete ideas in Girard part 1

  1. One the largest errors Girard makes is operating within the paradigm of the methodological naturalism of his contemporaries. Part of this he cannot be faulted for since he went to the furthest strides possible to make Christianity comprehensible to the wider academic community.
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Dirk Draulans, read Girard!

Dirk Draulans, biologist and science journalist for Belgian Knack magazine, wrote an interesting article on the question of violence in human life (Violence is deeply rooted in us – The biology of terror… 2,181 more words

René Girard

Mirror Neurons- Desire and Mimesis 2

Until now I haven’t consciously known about the scope and sequence of our reflective nature. For most of my life I have been somewhat unaware of the mechanism of desire and our reflective nature as well as what influences it.  638 more words

Desire And Mimesis Essay Series

More Than Myself- Desire and Mimesis 1

I’m taking a fascinating online course this year called Mimesis Academy . Each week there’s a short lesson to read, some reading to do from a great book list, a video to watch /listen to and an essay to write. 564 more words

Desire And Mimesis Essay Series

Mimetic Food Habits

It would be very interesting to create an intensified dialogue between Paul Rozin‘s research on the acquisition of likes and dislikes for foods and René Girard’s mimetic theory. 510 more words

René Girard

Social Psychology & Mimetic Theory

Students of psychology would not be surprised by some of the key statements made by René Girard and his mimetic theory.

Indeed social psychology time and again shows how people’s social behavior and self-concepts are shaped by imitation processes and scapegoat mechanisms, as stressed by mimetic theory. 692 more words

René Girard

Scapegoating our Muslim Brothers and Sisters: An Example from Girardian Theology

Since his death a few weeks ago, I have found myself drawn to the theology and writings of Rene Girard. If you are unfamiliar with his ideas, I highly, highly recommend… 562 more words

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