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ZAFIA Mimetic MiniSkirt-SANSAR

Fresh miniskirt for your holidays. It is not made with MD and therefore the clothing simulator cannot be used.

ZAFIA Fashion Store in Sansar.


The Anatomy Of Pseudo Desire: They Don’t Want You, But Why Do You Want Them?

I spent almost four years in a toxic semi-relationship, a relationship where the more he didn’t want me, the more I wanted him, and the minute I gave up, he would reel me back in. 1,330 more words

The Thinker

"And for many": a Lectionary Reflection

One of the most glaring changes made in the recent English translation of the Roman Missal was the words of institution. In the ICEL translation I grew up with, the phrase Jesus spoke over the wine was translated as “for you and for all.” I recall the catechesis given at the time: one of the principles of translation was that the liturgy should be self-catechizing, without the need for additional explanations. 555 more words