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The Storm?

Halloween ended yesterday, but wait, the storm is gone too? I didn’t know the storm had anything to do with Halloween. Will the storm come back? 79 more words

Ninja's are in the lighthouse!

A ninja is hidden in club penguin! The place you can find it? The lighthouse. It has not been there very long, there used to be a hidden ninja in club penguin a while ago, but it disappeared!But now they have hidden this one. 12 more words

Mimo777's October 2009 Party clues?

UPDATE: Room found, all clues revealed

I have been researching the answers to Mimo777’s latest party clues and this is what I got.

Here are the answers I have: 63 more words

Mimo 777

New Puffle video!!!!!!!!

http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/2009/02/puffle-video.php click it for the link to see the video its so cool. and they have it at wordpress when u see the tags.

Second Clue:  the time is 18:30 military time.

I Met Mimo!!!

I was logging on Cp and saw a buddie on Snow Cap! Usually when I see a buddy sign on I usually take that server! So I noticed it was U Fride So I wnt where he was and WALLAH! 42 more words

Penguin Style!


Heres the Cheats for Penguin Style!

Yellow Scarf:  Click the bottom Lights on the tree p.2, in the order

Yellow,Blue,Green Red

Russian Hat: Click the Tree Top on p.4… 61 more words

Mimo 777, U Fride, And 9China9 Seen On Club Penguin

Yep Cool Boy 714 (me) saw them 3 penguins! YAY! I’M SO HAPPY! Well here are there player cards!

They are all awesome! I just went to see what their party was like and they were there! It was so cool!

Club Penguin Cheats