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Slawandorder in Wonderland....Ballroom

Memorial Day Weekend 2015 happened to fall on one of the few perfect weather weekends during a DC “summer.”  Not only was the sun out and shining, the humidity was low.   588 more words


Fuck Apathy – I’m in love with my scooter

Dear Mimosa,

This note is long overdue, when I stop and think about what you’ve meant to me and done for me over the past 6 months. 235 more words

Euro trip: day 14-15

Wee wee, We are in Parieeeee

Yesterday wasn’t super eventful and I figured I’d take a break from detailing how we once again failed to make a clean transit route. 783 more words

Elephant Mimosa

I’m a sucker for an elephant print fabric… or an elephant pattern for that matter. So when I saw this fabric on an idle online fabric browsing session I couldn’t resist. 270 more words


Five ways to enjoy prosecco...before it's gone

For years, prosecco has been the drink of choice for those of us who can’t quite afford champagne, but won’t settle for cherry Lambrini either. 283 more words


Making light of biology

Photograph © aquagallery.com

Designed by Ayala Serfaty with Sadeh Halbrecht for lighting and furniture atelier Aqua Creations, the Mimosa pendant light has an almost amorphous, indeterminate, cloud-like form that is inspired by neurons. 71 more words