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Of Beers, Babies and Barely Clothed Men

What a packed weekend! The past few days were all about good friends, new jobs, and babies on the way.

Friday began healthily, as I’d been feeling achy and run down since Wednesday, with a green smoothie: 1,418 more words


Allison Mick, philosopher

Beyoncé. Shine Theory. Ghostbusters. Andy Warhol. Old people. Yes, OLD PEOPLE. And by the way, you’re welcome for the Mick encore. Enjoy!


34 Weeks of bliss and list of things I miss

Can a girl get a glass of vino over here?? Hello? Table for 1, bottle of petite sirah, please! I have to admit, and it’s no secret, I adore my wine!! 573 more words

Mimosas & Beautiful Soup

Whatsup Losers?  We have Lil’ Scallywag visiting us this weekend. She’s as sick as comes. If you want to know how sick picture shitting on a sports house porch drunk af, yeah she’s legit. 127 more words


Mimosa - A Tree to Avoid

Perhaps you have noticed a tree with fragrant pink/white pom-pom like blossoms with fern like foliage growing in your area.  You may have even thought about adding one to your landscape – Don’t!  195 more words

Plant Knowledge



If there is one bag, so beautiful that time stands still, it would definitely be the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag.

The Louis Vuitton Chain Bag makes a chic return this season in new shapes and colors.

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