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Florence Keen Sansom's Legacy of Art

All images of art courtesy Denége Patterson

In 2010, local author and historian, Denége Patterson, published (with Peppertree Press) Edisonia Native Girl, subtitled “The Life Story of Florence Keen Sansom, Artist Born on the Edison Estate, Fort Myers, Florida.” 1,537 more words

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A Lovely Enigma

The entrance to the Edison Park subdivision on McGregor Boulevard is a lovely anomaly. A 7.5-foot statue of a woman in flowing, Graeco-Roman-style drapery is centered upon a plinth in a concrete basin casually balancing a jar against her right hip. 1,549 more words

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Weavers of History

Throughout our history, pioneering women have followed their husbands, willingly or not, into the wildernesses of the continent and made them “home.” From their strong bodies, they have populated these frontiers; from their tender hearts and courageous spirits, they have woven the tapestry of our history. 1,676 more words

History In CynemaScope