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Exploring the Wazir Khan Mosque

After exploring the Shahi Hamam, we made our way to the Wazir Khan Mosque. At this point I’d like to point out that we walked from the Dehli gate to the Shahi Hamam, and then from there to the Wazir Khan Mosque. 817 more words


ISLAMIC ART-Minarets and "Alcázares"

The minaret is an essential element of a mosque, as it serves to remind the congregation about the hours of prayer. The psalmody or exhortation made from atop the minaret by the… 1,821 more words

Islamic Art

ISLAMIC ART-Spain and the Visigoth influence

We’ve seen that the Arabs learned a lot from the traditional architecture and decorative styles existing in the Eastern territories they occupied. The same must have happened in Spain. 1,491 more words

Islamic Art

ISLAMIC ART-Expansion to Egypt and North of Africa

Two Mesopotamian monuments from the early days of the Arab conquest clearly show the hesitation between the still Hellenistic and Byzantine styles prevalent on one side of the Euphrates and an style already saturated with the forms of the oriental genius that was predominant in the decoration of the… 1,825 more words

Islamic Art