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ISLAMIC ART-Expansion to Egypt and North of Africa

Two Mesopotamian monuments from the early days of the Arab conquest clearly show the hesitation between the still Hellenistic and Byzantine styles prevalent on one side of the Euphrates and an style already saturated with the forms of the oriental genius that was predominant in the decoration of the… 1,773 more words

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What remains of the Madrasa of Gawhar Shad

The origin of this baffles me.

On the 23rd of November 1933, while visiting the Musalla Complex and its monuments, we can imagine Robert Byron lingering a while in front of a solitary minaret. 360 more words


The place between religions and science- Hagia Sophia

Today I shall take you to a beautiful place full of history. Take my hand and let’s go in the heart of Istanbul.

In front of us stands Hagia Sophia, an old symbol of religion and what man can built for religion and to show of his power. 552 more words

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The Minaret of Khusrawgird

So this is the Golden Road. Eight centuries ago, the minaret of Khosrugird watched the traffic as it watches us.

“What strikes the researcher, is the very scant information that one can find about the minaret.” This is what I wrote on a post-it while searching the web and the books for more information on the minaret Robert Byron saw on the… 604 more words

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The Minaret of Semnan

I heard of an old minaret, which I found before the police found me.

We cannot say that Robert Byron visited the Friday Mosque of Semnan. 708 more words

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A fiery fued: Kim Jong-Un and Trump


Just when we thought President Donald Trump’s “itchy twitter finger” couldn’t cause any more problems, we are now in the midst of a potentially serious one. 693 more words


From Samarkand we went west to the old, important Islamic centre of Bukhara. 1,214 more words

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